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Leonardo Fibonacci

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Q: Who discovered Fibonacci numbers?
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Why are these numbers called Fibonacci numbers?

Because the sequence was discovered and studied by Fibonacci of Pisa

Who discovered the fibonocci numbers?

Leonardo Fibonacci

When did Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the Fibonacci numbers?

Leonardo Fibonacci first recorded his sequence in his book Liber Abaci, which was published in 1202.

What does Fibonacci mean in maths?

The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers That was discovered by an Italian mathematician called Leonardo Pisano. Sequences are a patter of numbers.

Did Fibonacci discover the Fibonacci numbers?

He was not the first to discover it. Fibonacci lived around 1200 AD. He might have discovered it independently but it was known in India from 200 BC.

Why did Fibonacci create the Fibonacci Sequence?

I think Fibonacci wanted to find how many swirls or petals were on a flower ....... most of them are Fibonacci numbers....i think.... doin a projct......= )

When did Fibonacci discover the Fibonacci sequence?

Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the Fibonacci sequence In the 12th century.

How old was Fibonacci when he discovered the Fibonacci sequence?


Why is the Fibonacci sequence named after Fibonacci?

Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the number sequence which is named after him.

Who discovered the Fibonacci number?

Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Fibonacci.

Why is Fibonacci numbers called that?

Because they are named after the 13th century mathematician Leonardo de Pisa, who was also called Leonardo Fibonacci. He discovered the number sequence, and their relation to Pi.

Fibonacci numbers 4 8 22 55 88?

No, they are not the normal Fibonacci numbers.

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