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don,t ask those questions no one likes math ok

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Q: Who discovered division with 2 divisor?
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Which number in a division problem is the divisor?

The second number. Say, if you had 6 divided by 2, then 2 in the divisor and 6 is the dividend.

When division of 2 numbers leaves a remainder 0then the dividend is called the of the divisor?

It is called a multiple of the divisor.

What is the divisor of this problem 5.8divide2 equals 2.9?

In long division, the divisor is the number outside the division sign (it's the number that the first number is being divided by). So in this problem, the divisor would be 2.

What are the 2 numbers in a division problem called?

dividend and divisor

What is a divisor in division problem?

the divisor is the place where i placed a 4 2 4\ 8

What is the divisor of the division problem 6 divided in to 2 equals 3?

if you meant 6 divided by 2 equals three the divisor would be 6

What is a divisor to a division problem?

the divisor is the number you divide with the dividend

What does divisor mean?

A divisor is the number in a division problem, that you are dividing by to get your answer.

Find a sentence for the word divisor?

The divisor in this division problem is 26.

What does proper divisor mean?

A number is termed as a proper divisor of another number when after division the reminder is '0' i.e., the number is a factor of the divisor. Ex: 10 is the number and 2 is the proper divisor because 10/2 = 5 and reminder = 0.

How do you check 2 digit division?

you add the divisor with the dividend then subtract your answer wiith your remainder

In a division problem what is the number into which the diviser goes?

If you have a dividing box thingy, the divisor is on the outside and the dividend is in the inside. Or like in the expression = 7, 2 is the divisor.

How is the quotient related to the divisor in a division problem?

quotient top: divisor bottom

What is the divisor in a division problem?

In any division sum, for example, 12 / 4 = 3, the divisor is the second number - the one that the number is divided by.

How do you use the reciprocal of the divisor to find the answer to a division problem?

Multiply the reciprocal of the divisor by the dividend.

How do you convert a remainder of a division to a fraction?

Put the remainder on top of the divisor and that is the fraction. Remember that a number which divides the other number is known as the divisor. So if we have 4 divided by 2, then 2 is the divisor and 4 is the dividend.

How do you carry out division when the divisor is not an whole number?

It is often useful to convert division into multiplication, by inverting the fraction; dividing by 2/3 is the same as multiplying by 3/2.

How do you work out 7.13 divided by 2?


Parts of division?

Quotient = Dividend / Divisor Quotient is the answer to the equation (3 = 6 / 2, the quotient is 3). Dividend is what you are dividing (3 = 6 / 2, the dividend is 6). Divior is what you are dividing by (3 = 6 / 2, the divisor is 2). If division equation is changed to 3 = 7 / 2, we have a remainder of 1 left from the dividend.

Is 0 is a divisor of 12?

No. Division by 0 is not defined so 0 is not a divisor of any number.

What is the dividend divided by during division?


The number that is to be divided into a division problem?


What is the number that the divisor is divided into?

The divisor is divided into the dividend. When drawing the division house, the divisor is on the outside. The dividend is on the inside of the house, and the quotient is the answer (on top).

What is the divisor in division?

The divisor is the number your dividing by, for an example (345 divided 8), 8 is the divisor. For another example as (2348 divided by 56), 56 is the divisor.

When doing long division how can you tell if the fraction you are computing will repeat?

It depends upon the divisor. If the divisor has any prime factor other than 2 and 5 then the decimal will repeat.