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This result was known hundreds of years before the birth of Pythagoras.

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Q: Who discovered the Pythagoras theorum?
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Pythagoras was author of which scientific theory?

Pythagorean Theorum

Who was the only us president to prove pythagoras theorum?

James A. Garfield

How many ounces does a toothbrush weigh?

if you use the quantum formula. and add the answer from the Pythagoras theorum.

Use of pythagorus theorum?

Refer to the following link for your answer: are the application of the Pythagoras Theorem

What is the height of a right angled triangle?

Using Pythagoras' Theorum: (height)^2 = (hypotenuse)^2 - (base)^2

What is the Contribution of Pythagoras to trigonometry?

Pythagoras discovered many of the properties of what would become trigonometric functions. The Pythagorean Theorum, a2 + b2 = c2 is a representation of the fundemental trigonometric identity sin2(x) + cos2(x) = 1. 1 is the hypotenuse of any right triangle, and has legs length sin(x) and cos(x) with x being one of the two non-right angles. With this in mind, the identity upon which trigonometry is based turs out to be the Pythagorean Theorum.

Why was Pythagoras known as the father of numbers?

Pythagoras is called the father of numbers because he discovered the Pythagoras theoram.

Why did Pythagoras discovered Pythagoras theorem?

Pythagoras discovred it to find unknown sides in a right angled triangle

Why is phythagoras famous?

He was a scientist that discovered the Phythagoras Theorum, A,squared + B,squared = c,squared.

Who discovered the obtuse angle?


In calculation involving right triangles the hypotenuse is usually represesnted by the letter?

you can choose; usually h. in pythagoras's theorum, it is a c i.e. a2 + b2 = c2

Why is Pythagoras famouse?

Discovered the pythagorean therom

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