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Q: Who first made it possible to devise a notice that could be reproduced in large numbers and distributed widely?
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Did Eratosthenes invent prime numbers?

No, although he did devise a way to predict them.

What did eratosthenes devise for locating with relative efficiency prime numbers?

A sieve.

What were four of Thomas Edison's invention?

Phonograph- a devise used to record and play back messages Carbon Telephone transmitter Kinetoscope- recorded and reproduced objects in motion Fluoroscopy- machine that uses X-rays to make radiographs

Is it possible to devise protective measures of human error once its nature is understood and occurrence anticipated?


A sentence for devise?

The group had to devise a plan, and fast!

Is monitor a output devise or input devise?


A devise is a gift of money?

a devise is a gift of money

How do you use both device and devise in a sentence?

Devise is the verb, while device is the noun. We will devise a device for that purpose.

What is a devise to break a curcuit?

which devise closes or breaks the circuit

Is a computer printer a input devise or ouput?

output devise

What is the past tense of devise?

The past tense of devise is devised.

What part of speech is the word devise?

TO contrive, plan, or elaborate; invent from existing principles or ideas: to devise a method.