Who founded set theory?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Set theory was founded by Georg Cantor in 1873.

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Q: Who founded set theory?
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What has the author Peter Aczel written?

Peter Aczel has written: 'Non-Well-Founded Sets (Csli Lecture Notes, No 14)' 'Non-well-founded sets' -- subject(s): Axiomatic set theory

Atomic theory invented by?

Atomic theory was founded by John Dalton. He proved this theory in 1803.

What is the difference between classical set theory and fuzzy set theory?

Classical theory is a reference to established theory. Fuzzy set theory is a reference to theories that are not widely accepted.

Who founded the electric universe theory?


Who founded heliocentric theory?

Nicolas Copernicus

What is the possessive noun of theory?

The possessive form for the noun theory is theory's.Example: The theory's basis is founded on scientific principles.

what is theory?

A theory is a scientific principle, a suggested explanation for a natural phenomena that is supported by well founded evidence and/or repeatable experimental results.A Theory is a set of ideas or explanations on a particular phenomenon gained through scientific study

What is the source of motivation theory?

The source of motivation theory was founded by Frederick Herzberg.

What is the importance of set theory in business?

Set theory is the mathematical study of sets. Set theory in business is important because it assists with the operations and planning in a business.

Who does the set theory explain about sets?

Who: Basically, the set theory was developed by Georg Cantor.

Prove the demorgan's laws for crisp set theory?

prove the intersction for crisp set theory