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Mamals and sharks

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Q: Who gets worn out cartilages?
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What does it mean if a girl gets her right and left cartilages pierced?

That she wants to have them pierced. Nothing else.

Is cuneiform an unpaired cartilage of the larynx?

The cuneiform, along with the corniculate and arteynoid cartilages are the paired cartilages of the Larynx

What are the Cartilages in the larynx?

There are three types of unpaired cartilages in the larynx. They are the thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage and the epiglottis.

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of many cartilages of the body?

Polychondritis is the term for inflammation of many cartilages.

What can you where everyday that never gets too small and never gets worn out?

Smile, like this :)

What does displacement of alar cartilages mean?

The alar cartilages are small pieces of cartilage that divide the nostrils of the nose. If these cartilages are not in the center of the nose, the cartilage is displaced. This condition is also called a deviated septum.

Is money recycled?

When a bill gets worn out they shred it.

What happens to worn out paper money?

The Worn Out Money Gets Sent To The Bureau Of Printing And Engraving To Be Shredded.

What type of connective tissue forms the larynx and the coastal cartilages of the ribs?

The hyaline cartilage forms most of the embryonic skeleton. It also forms coastal cartilages of ribs, cartilages of the nose, trachea and larynx.

How does wearing off of cartilages affect the movement of our body?

It gets stiffer and more painful to move, in some cases you end with distortions to bad to work at all.

Similarities between cat and human larynx?

The feline larynx has five cartilages, whereas the human larynx has nine cartilages.

What happens if soil is farmed over and over?

It gets worn out

What happens when a red blood cell gets worn out?

they die

If a girl pierces her cartilages is she gay?


What cartilages is between the vertebrae?


How do you protect your cartilages?

Cartilage is inside our body.We cant see it ,if you want to check if your cartilages was protected, just go in the hospital and see the doctor.

What is the term used when something reacts with chemicals in water or air and gets worn away and has 7 letters?

We say that something will corrode if it reacts with chemicals in water or air and gets "worn away" in the process.

What happens when a recepticle gets worn out?

When a receptacle becomes worn out it can cause different types of problems, based on how it's worn out. Worn contacts can loose tension and make poor electrical connection, or not adequately retain the plug.

Vocal cord attachment?

Arytenoid cartilages

The larynx is composed of how many cartilages?


Does selenium build cartilage?

Selenium is not in cartilages.

To which organ system does cartilages belongs to?

Skeletal system .

What are the names of the paired larynx cartilages?

vocal cords

What is the skeleton made up of?

joints, cartilages and ligaments /

What does the coastal cartilages join to the sternum?

The ribs