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Here is a forum that can help you on deciding on what a fair price for a boat . I also am including a site that lists boats for sale

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Q: Who has boats for sale for a fair price?
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Where can I find gold bars for sale for a fair price?

Gold bars can be found for sale at a fair price from a number of retailers. They can be purchased from JM Bullion, USA Gold, The Perth Mint and from Only Gold.

Where can I find boats for sale online?

Many boats are listed for sale on by private sellers. Also, has many boats for sale.

Which companies in Australia offer boats for sale?

The Boats Online website offers new boats and used boats for sale in Australia. They are specialised in power boats for sale in Australia. The also offer specialised boat finance and boat insurance.

Where are repo boats available for sale at a good price?

You can buy repo boats by contacting your local finance companies or in the Autotrade magazine. You may find them on Ebay as well.

Where can one find rib boats for sale?

Boattrader is an online site that lists rib boats for sale. Used rib boats are often listed on eBay for sale. These boats are becoming more popular for family entertainment.

Where can someone find bass boats for sale?

One place where bass boats can be found online for sale is on the website eBay. On that site there is a motors section and bass boats can be found there for sale.

what was the sale price?

what was the sale price

Is sales tax on a used vehicle based on fair market value or selling price in Kansas when purchased from an individual?

It is based on the sale price.

What stores offer Wellcraft boats for sale?

One could find Wellcraft boats for sale online at the Wellcraft boats website. Boat Trader also offers new or used Wellcraft boats for sale. Ebay is another great place to look for Wellcraft boats.

In Pennsylvania can the Executor set the sale price of the house?

With the approval of the court. The price must be a fair market price. Otherwise the estate is not going to have the assets it needs to close out.

Is discounted price the same as the sale price?

no discounted price is the price after some money has been taken off the sale price for a sale etc. but sale price is the original price

Price of a dress is is on sale at 22 percent. what is the sale price?

The sale price is 109.20

What is the definition of sale price?

the price at which something is offered for sale. the reduced price of something on sale.

Should I buy a house that is for sale by owner?

Many people are able to get a fair price when they buy a house that is for sale by owner. You will be able to purchase without needing to pay realtor fees, which will lower the overall price.

Who advertises boats for sale?

You can go to They can provide you with a good list of boats available for sale. I have used them and they work well.

The price of a 69.45tire is lowered 5.75 for a sale after the sale what is the new price?

After the sale the price returns to 69.45

Where can on find narrow boats for sale?

One can find narrow boats for sale online at various websites. One can find narrow boats for sale at websites such as Apollo Duck, Whilton Marina, and Great Haywood Boat Sales.

What is the answer A skateboard is on sale for 60 percent off the regular 80 price What is the sale price?

The sale price is $32.00

How do you find the percentage off of an item given the original and sale price?

original price-sale price. Then original sale price/the answer to the previous.

What is the sale price on a50.00item that is on sale for 25 percent off?

If the original price was 50.00 - then the sale price would be 37.50

What is the sale price if the price is 35 and it is 20 percent off?

Sale price is 28.

How do you find the discount if you have the original price and the sale price?

Discount = Original Price minus Sale price.

Where can one find boats for sale in the UK?

Boats are for sale all over the United Kingdom. You can see these listings via many websites such as Yacht World, Boats and Outboards, Boat Shop 24, UK Boats, and Boat Trader.

What is the sale price on a 185 item that is on sale for 25 percent off?

The sale price will be $138.75

Where can one find information on boats for sale by the owner?

Sites like Boatcrazy, boats, powerboatlistings, boattrader, boatboss and other more general sites like craigslist have many listings for boats on sale.