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A 51% partner of a corporation has more control than a 49% partner

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Q: Who has more control a 51 percent or 49 percent partner of a corporation?
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Do owners of a corporation have shared control?

Yes, stockholders of a corporation have as many votes as they have shares. The more shares they own, the more control of the company they have. Therefore the control is not distributed equally but based on shares.

What would happen if you controlled more then 10 percent of your brain?

As you already control more than 10 percent of your brain nothing significantly different would happen.

What are the disadvantages of a corporation?

difficulty of start up, double taxation, potential loss of control by the founders, and more legal requirements and regulations.

Who has more stores VF corporation or macy's?

VF Corporation

What corporation operates in more then 1 country?

Global Corporation

Difference between partnership and public limited company?

A partnership is a legal term to define a joint venture of 2 or more persons. In a partnership all of the partners are jointly and severally liable for any losses. In this type of arrangement each partner can be forced to pay for all of any debts. They would then have the option of going after the other partners for their pro-rata share of the debt. In a limited partnership the only entity liable for the debts is the "general partner". The general partner can be either a person or another partnership or corporation. In a corporation the corporation is the only entity liable for debts. The owners are not liable. The corporation is a fictional "person" in the eyes of the law.

Why is a corporation more advantageous than a partnership?

A corporation is more advantageous than a partnership because a corporation can be located in a US State such as Delaware that has no corporate income taxes. As a corporation shares may be sold to the public to raise funds. Corporations avoid the problems associated with partnerships in that the latter is not reliant upon a set of individuals to function and avoids the problems associated with the death of a key partner. Key partner insurance can be obtained but at a cost that reduces the profitability of the organization. Corporations also can absorb lawsuits without endangering the personal liability of the share holders. A partnership is subject to lawsuits that directly hold individual partners monetary damages. Also the name of a corporation is more easily sold along with its assets should the shareholders wish to sell the business.

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