Who hit 6 six in 6 ball?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Who hit 6 six in 6 ball?
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How do you hit six and big shots?

you look at the ball coming right your bat and then hit and you hit a six

How do you hit 6 in ea sports cricket 2011?

You can hit a six by pressing"Shift" and then "S". But only try to hit it if the ball is in good line and hit accordingly to the timing.

When a ball is hit out of the ground how much do you score?

When a ball is hit out of the ground, six runs are scored by the batsman. A six is scored whenever the ball crosses the boundary on the full, so it doesn't necessarily have to reach the stands to be a six. There is no higher run-scoring shot than a six, so even if the ball is hit out of the ground and into the carpark, six runs is the maximum that can be scored.

What does batsman have to do to score six runs?

To hit a six, the batsman must hit the cricket ball over the boundry rope without the ball touching the ground.

Who is the batsman to hit first ball of the innings for a six in ODI cricket?

Virender Sehwag hit the first ball for a six of Nathan Bracken(Australia) in 2003-2004.

How do you hit 6 in EA cricket game?

the only way is to hit the ball and press the D key to run you can run twice if you press it again but its a big risk to get the batsman out

What is super six in cricket?

A six is when the batsman hits the ball beyond the boundary line without it touching the ground first. You receive 6 runs for this and that's why it's called a six or sixer. It is the equivalent of a home run in baseball.

What does the batsman have to do to score six runs?

To score six runs, a batsmen must hit the ball over the boundary rope without it coming into contact with the ground. However, it is possible to score six runs if you hit the ball, run for two, and then the ball is overthrown to the boundary for four more runs. It is also possible to score a six by running three, then the ball being overthrown and then running three more or running six runs after hitting the ball

How do you hit a six in EA sports 2005?

just time the ball right and select your shot and hit it

In cricket how many runs would you get if the ball is hit over the fence?

If the ball is hit over the boundary on the full, 6 runs are awarded to the batsman.

32 runs in a over in ipl?

No, but there was 31. It was between Chris Gayle and Saurabh Tiwary. Rahul Sharma was the bowler.Ball 1: Sharma to Tiwary, 1 run.Ball 2: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!Ball 3: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!Ball 4: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!Ball 5: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!Ball 6: Sharma to Gayle, SIX!This happened in 2012. The team who hit it was Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warriors India.

Did Sachin Tendulkar ever hit a six on the ball of Lasith Malinga?