Who invented a calculating machine?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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The very first calculating "machine" was human hands and fingers.

The abacus was next in about 300 BC.

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The first counting machine known to man was an abacus. This simple machine was invented by the Chinese.

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Q: Who invented a calculating machine?
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Who invented the calculating machine?

the person who invented it was Hugo Caisaguano

Who invented the calculating machine in 1831?

blaise pascal

Who invented the first calculating machine?

Blaise Pascal

What calculating machine was invented thousands of years ago?


What was the first calculating machine invented by Blaise Pascal and Baron Von Liebnitz?

== == It was invented in 1632.

Who invented leibniz machine?

The Leibniz calculating machine was invented by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Leibniz was a German mathematician who was born in the Holy Roman Empire on July 1, 1646.

Who is the French mathematician and philospher who invented a calculating device that would come to be called the adding machine?

Blaise Pascal invented the ancestor of the calculator.

Who was the inventor of the calculating machine?

The first inventor of the calculating machine was Blaise Pascal.

Which is the first electronic calculating machine?

arithmetic machine

What was the name of John Napier calculating machine?

John Napier's calculating machine invention is called "Napier's Bones."

In 1642 the first mechanical calculating machine was invented by?

The adding machine was invented by a nineteen-year-old French boy named Blaise Pascal way back in the year 1642. Called the pascaline, it was the first mechanical calculator that used gears. He invented it to help his father calculate taxes.A different machine was invented by William Seward Burroughs in 1885.

Calculation formula for calculating machine hours?

lathe machine hour