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Quite probably the ancient Babylonians.

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Q: Who invented the number system based on the number 60?
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What number was the Mesopotamians number system based on?


Who invented the base 60 number system?

The Babylonians

Who developed a number system based on 60?


Which civilization developed a form of picture writing?

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia, they developed cuneiform. They also invented the wheel and a number system based on 60.

Why is a circle 360 degrees and not 100 or some other number?

This phenomenon is because of the Chinese who invented the degree system used a number system based on six, instead of ours which is based on ten. 360 is 6 * 60. This measurement fit nicely with their number base.Later mathematicians invented the radian system, in which a circle has π radians. This works nicely with many trigonometric ratios and functions.

Did the sumerians invent a math system based on units of 60?

The Sumerians developed a number system based on the unit 60, which was called sexegesimal numeric system. It was also used by the Babylonians.

Did the Sumerians develop advanced mathematics including a number system based on 10?

no on 60

How do we still use the sumerians number system based on 60?

Our 60-minute hour, 60- minute time, and 360- degree circle

Why is the Babalonian number system based on 60?

The Babylonians had not discovered fractions and 60 is a fairly low number which can be factorised by many numbers which made it useful.

Sumerians developed a number system based on what?

100. This system is still used today. (PRESENT) 60. (PAST)

When was the babylonian number system created?

This base 60 number system was used in 1800b.c

What are 3 details about the sumerians?

Their number system was based on the number our is based on the number 10.They used this when they came up with 60 minutes in an hour and 360 degrees ina circle.We still use these divisions today.