Who is gorgina?

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she is Charles babbages wife

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Q: Who is gorgina?
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What are the Everswindells twins names?

Caroline and gorgina

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What is the torrent password for the movie The Duchess?

do not know?what is torrent?the movie is about a women name gorgina Spencer who was just a normal,fun-loving girl with tons of friends and a guy friend name Charles grey, who has feelings for her. until her mother place a marriage for her with the duke of denvershore,William. this normal girl in the 1700's became the duchess of denvershore.the duke wanted a son very soon.after a wine party,gorgina finds out the duke sleeps with different women.....7 months later the duchess was going to have the first child..until charlotte came,her mother died,so gorgina is going take care of her like a daughter.2 months later during a wine party gorgina goes in too labor....with a baby girl.6 years later...gorgina had anthor girl...she named them harryo and lil'gshe had no sonswhen gorgina went to bath she met a women name Beth,who went back too London with them after her divoce.they become best friends...after a speech from Charles grey gorgina finds out that the duke was having aaffiar.with Beth.she runs back home too tell her mama what happens.gorgina finds out that Beth had three boys...when she saw Charles grey by a lake.she tells him everything.soon,they both kiss and gorgina finds out that she loves Charles more than the duke,because she never loved the duke,she did not want to marry him,her mother made gorgina marry him.when she told her feelings for Charles grey to her husband, the duke goes after her.9 months later....they had a boywhen the duke goes away to go celebrate that he has a son name William jr.,the duchess has a wine party to celebrate that she finally has a son.she told the duke that she will go to bath,she was really lying so she can go to see Charles grey to have a affiar..when she comes back....the duke and her mother finds out...gorgina told the duke that she never loved him,she said that he was using her to have a son.gorgina tells at her mother that she nevered wanted to marry the duke.gorgina told her that she wanted to marry Charles grey.until..the duke told gorgina that he loved her.the duke takes gorgina kids away until she stops seeing mr.greygorgina nevered saw Charles ever again.gorgina finally got her kids backgorgina told Charles that she does not love him no more.gorgina tells the duke and Beth that she is carrying Charles grey kid.she goes to the country side to have the baby.Beth went with her to make feel better.9 months later.....gorgina has a baby girl.she tells the grey family that she was sorry and wants the baby girl back.they told gorgina that she was not carrying the duke's baby.they begin to leave.gorgina goes after them.lady Beth stops her.when gorgina came back home the duke apologizes to her what he did and he is going to throw a party for her.things go back to normal.until...Charles grey apologizes for what he did and said the family is taking very good care of the baby.Charles told her that he marring a women name eliza and would be great that gorgina would meet her.gorgina life was back to normalgorgina lives with Beth,her 4 kids,her husband,beths kids,and the 2 dogs.gorgina meet eliza secretlythey all lived until gorgina's death.Beth became the duchess.eliza named her daughter gorgina....

Does Rupert Grint have a brother or sister?

He has one brother, James (bron in 1990), and three sisters: Gorgina (bron in 1993),Samantha (bron in 1996) and Charlotte (bron in 1999)

What movie and television projects has Deborah Schubert been in?

Deborah Schubert has: Performed in "Tatort" in 1969. Played Julchen in "Das vergessene Leben" in 1998. Performed in "Sturmzeit" in 1999. Played Gorgina in "Alle Kinder brauchen Liebe" in 2000. Played Deborah in "Ausflug" in 2001.

What actors and actresses appeared in Alle Kinder brauchen Liebe - 2000?

The cast of Alle Kinder brauchen Liebe - 2000 includes: Patrick Baehr as Theo Goldschmidt Jonathan Feurich as Alex Dietmar Huhn as Hans Reichert Nico Iliades as Oliver Marcel Iliades as Thomas Maximilian Oelze as Florian Beck Axel Pape as Wolfgang Merkel Ulrich Pleitgen as Dr. Flimm Witta Pohl as Anna Stolberg Deborah Schubert as Gorgina Jaqueline Somburg Michael Trischan as Herr Seidel Franziska Troegner as Hella Roth

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