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Q: Who is the father of probability and statistics?
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How useful probability in statistics?

Statistics is based on the theoretical foundation of probability.

How are probability and statistics related?

Probability is the theoretical basis that underpins statistics.

How is probability related to statistics?

Probability is related to statistics in a direct manner. When one is doing a research for statistics, probability has to be used especially in sampling a small region.

Who established the link between probability and staistics?

Statistics is based on probability theory so each and every development in statistics used probability theory.

Father of statistics?

father of statistics

What is differ of mean?

Probability/ Statistics

How does the probability theory apply to statistics?

Statistics is the study of how probable an observed event is under a set of assumptions about the underlying probability distribution.

What was lengendre contribution to statistics?

Lengendre was the one who introduced the importance of probability to statistics.

What symbol is used for probability of success in statistics?

A "p" is used for probability of success. A "q" is used for probability of failure.

What was pierre-simon laplace's contribution to statistics?

he is the one who introduce the importance of probability in statistics

Why were statistics developed?

To be able to understand the probability of chance for an occurrence and to further understand probability

When is probability theory used in statistics?

All the time. Statistic is based on the application of probability theory!