Who is the inventor of mathematics?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Math was not invented by a single person. Different people discovered or invented different areas of mathematics.

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Q: Who is the inventor of mathematics?
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Wahat famous inventions did Isaac Newton make?

In mathematics, Isaac Newton was a co-inventor of calculus (with Gottfried Leibniz).

What did Al-Khwarizmi do for algebra?

AL Khwarizmi was a famous mathematician who worked on mathematics and established the Indian numeral system and the use of zero in the mathematics. He was the inventor of al jebra, and the complicated terms used in higher mathematics called al jorithm, which is extensively used in computer today. He worked on astronomy and geography and made sun dials and astrolabes.

What did Robert Bunsen study?

Robert Bunsen studied several subjects when he attended school in Holzminden. He studied mathematics, chemistry, and also mineralogy. Robert is the inventor of the Bunsen burner.

Was Madam Curie a chemist?

Marie Curie was not a chemist; she had a degree in physics and another degree in mathematics.

Who is a greek mathematician and inventor?

Archimedes is a famous Greek mathematician and inventor. He made significant contributions to the field of mathematics, including the discovery of buoyancy principles and the calculation of the value of pi. He also invented various machines, such as the Archimedes screw and a heat ray device known as the "burning mirrors."

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an inventor is a designer but a designer is not an inventor

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