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Who made division?

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What is the adjective for division?

An Adjective for division is: Hard. EX: The hard division really made me have to think.

Why was long division made?

Long division is made because it is important in maths ( VERY important actually)

What is the importance of cell division?

if one cell dies another one can be made with cell division

How many men are in a division?

In the military, a division has between 10,000 and 30,000 men. A division can be made up of a few units called regiments.

What organelle made from tuberculin help organize cell division in animal cells.?

organelle made from tubulins, help organize cell division in animal cells?

Who made the first ever Playstation?

Sony made it in there computer entertainment division

What are sperms made in?

They are made in the genitals of a man through meiosis, which is a type of cell division.

Who is the game Yahtzee made by?

It's made by Milton Bradley, now a division of Hasbro.

Who invented the division symbol?

It was made by a man named Benjarman. He was Canadian. He invented division in 45637782.6. he is futaristic. i like ducks.

How are animal cells made?

By cell division of existing cells.

Where are kelvinator refrigerators made?

The Kelvinator is now a Division of Electrolux

What compony makesthe PS3?

They are made by a division of the Sony corporation

Why was the division of labor made?

TO MAKE The car production faster

What is a word for liquidation of a division?

The answer is made of lemon and couch potatoes

What aids in animal cell division?

Centrioles aid in animal cell division. Centrioles are made of microtubules and are found only in animal cells. Centrioles are not essential in the process of cell division.

Who makes division 23 snowboard boots?

Division 23 is made by Burton...Not quite as good of quality as Burton tho...But cheaper.

What kind of cells are made by meiosis or mitosis kind of division?

Meiosis cell division is where the egg and sperm cells are created. Mitosis cell division is where two identical daughter cells are formed.

When and where are chromosome copies made?

before each cell division -C.E.E

Is jeep made by Chrysler auto company?

Jeep is a division of Chrysler

Who made FunBrain?

Family Education Network, a division of Pearson Education

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