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Q: Who makes the speech for the ceremony of the twelves?
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The new president makes a speech after the inauguration ceremony what is the speech called?

the inaugural address.

What do the license plate on the bikes of twelves change to after the ceremony in the giver?


At night after the ceremony the license plates on the bikes of twelves were changed to ones that indicated this?

Citizen In Training.

What was given to each of the twelves of their ceremony?

At the ceremony of tweles they give the 12s their assignments which would be ther jobs for the rest of their lives into they reach into their old age stage

How have things changed after the ceremony of twelves?

Once they have received their assignments, they no longer have volunteer work. They begin their training.

Can you get a sample welcome speech for an awards ceremony?

A person or individual can sometimes get a sample of an awards ceremony speech, depending on the ceremony and whoever may be in charge of making the speech. If an individual wished to get some type of sample version of what a ceremony speech should look or sound like, that individual could go to the library of their choice and check out books on speech making or on being a Toastmaster.

Can you get obamas inaugural ceremony speech?

yup, google it.. there it is.

What is three twelves plus four twelves?

seven twelves

How did their lives change after the Ceremony of twelve's?

When they turn eight they get to go and volunteer in the field they think they would like to work in. The Commitee of Elders watch them to see what they are good at and like. The Elders pick a job for them at the ceremony of twelves. After the ceremony, they train in their field. Eventually they have completed their training and go to work at their assignment.

What is a culmination ceremony?

a culmination ceremony is when a 5 or an 8 grader culminates and makes a ceremony fot culminating

How does the ceremony of twelve start?

The ceremony of twelve starts after the ceremony of eleven and is the last ceremony that is done, most adults forget their age after that. It starts with the numbers that all the children were given at birth Jonas's number is 19 so he would be the nineteenth person to receive his assignment, but there is a strange twist here so you will just have to read it. :)

In the giver by Lois Lowry What major change occurs for the children after the ceremony of twelve?

The major change the twelves have is that they get jobs and jonas gets the most important job of all