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Q: Who one of the following algorithm is used in finding shortest distance in a graphs -a) dynamic programming b)greedy method c)backtracking d)divide and conquer?
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Distance Vector protocols use what algorithm?

Distance Vector protocols use the Bellmanâ??Ford algorithm. The ARPANET system relied on Distance Vector protocols as their main routing technique in the early 80s.

How does the bellman ford algorithm work?

This distance-vector algorithm works by computing the shortest path , and considers weights. The algorithm was distributed widely in the RIP protocol.

What is the drawback of distance vector algorithm?

The distance vector algorithm does not take into account current traffic, type of link, speed of link, type of endpoint routers, etc. It cannot adjust for changes in network traffic and bottlenecks.

Is computer programming useful in learning the distance formula in Algebra 1?

Computer programming is somewhat useful in learning the distance formula in Algebra 1. Learning the distance formula has more to do with your ability at mathmetics and you want to learn.

Is a treadmill computerized machine?

In a sense, it is since your tracking and jogging distance is calculated by an algorithm programmed into it.

What is the minimum seconds of following distance?

When following large trucks, maintain at least a minimum of a ______ second following distance.

What is following distance?

Following distance is the space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you while driving. Maintaining a safe following distance allows you more time to react to sudden stops or changes in traffic situations, helping to prevent rear-end collisions. The general rule is to keep at least a 3-second distance in good weather conditions, and more in adverse conditions.

Algorithm of a programme of bubble sort?

The algorithm for bubble sort, also know as pair exchange...Set a swap flag falseLoop for the first N-1 elementsCompare each element with the following elementIf the two elements are in the correct order, continue to next loop iterationOtherwise, swap the two elements and set the swap flag trueAt loop end, if the swap flag is true, repeat starting at step 1Otherwise, sort completedBubble sort is so named because out of order elements "bubble" to the end of the array, moving one step per inner loop iteration.As stated above, the algorithm is slow because it takes a while for a significantly out of order element to reach its final point when it needs to come closer to the beginning of the array. It can be improved by introducing a "distance" parameter, initially set to one half of the array size, and using that distance in step 3 to choose the second element. After the algorithm is completed for that distance, the distance is halved, and we iterate the entire algorithm until the distance is only one. (This variation is more formally known as merge exchange, but it still retains the "bubble" characteristic.)

You can maintain a proper following distance by?

The technique used for determining the proper following distance is the "3- second" rule.

Bharathiar university distance education question papers?

computing fundamentals and c programming

Which of the following is not a climate control latitude altitude distance from oceans distance from mountains?

Latitude is not a climate control factor. Climate is primarily influenced by latitude, altitude, distance from oceans, and distance from mountains.

Where we can use dijkstra's algorithm?

A practical application is in certain routing protocols, like OSPF. The problem it solves is to search for the "shortest" path to each destination - "shortest" meaning the one that has the lowest "distance" or "metric" according to the criteria used. Dijkstra's algorithm is easy to use and is a good graph search algorithm to use when it is hard to calculate the heuristics.