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Davina mc call

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Q: Who presents the million pound drop?
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Who hosts one million pound drop?

Davina McCall hots the million pound drop live

What is the duration of The Million Pound Drop Live?

The duration of The Million Pound Drop Live is 1.5 hours.

What age do you have to be to go on the million pound drop?

You have to be at least 18 years old to go on The Million Pound Drop. :)

When was The Million Pound Drop Live created?

The Million Pound Drop Live was created on 2010-05-24.

Why is million pound drop on after the water shed?


What are the ratings and certificates for Comic Relief The Million Pound Drop - 2011 TV?

Comic Relief The Million Pound Drop - 2011 TV is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

Where can you play million pound drop game free?

On channel4/

Is Thailand in the northern or soutern hemisphere?

no saw in million pound drop

What time did the sunset today in iceland?

You watching million pound drop!

Is there more motorways than railways in the UK?

According to million pound drop there is.

What was the last question on the million pound drop last night?

Which of these was open to the public first

Has anyone ever won 'million pound drop'?

Yes, because if you answer question eight correctly then technically you've won something but i don't know if anyone has won the million pound!