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Time is not the fourth dimension, because time is a singularity. The Past, Present and Future are in the "Now".

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Q: Who said that time is the fourth dimension?
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What did Albert Einstein say is the fourth dimension?

Albert Einstein said that time is the fourth dimension.

What is the dimension of time?

The fourth dimension.

Why is time called the fourth dimension - Jeremy Shaughnessy?

Why is time called the fourth dimension?

What is the fourth shatterd dimension?

the fourth dimension is the theory of time ,soul and consionces

Will you ever discover a fourth dimension?

Most physicists would tell you that we already consider there to be a fourth dimension. It is time.

What is known as the fourth dimesion?

The fourth dimension is usually considered as being time.

How is the fourth dimension the time?

The fourth dimension is not "time'. The fourth dimension is a real space dimension r=ct, where c is the speed of light and the fourth dimension r is the product of 'c' and time which gives a real number distance. The other three dimensions are vector dimensions V= Ix + Jx + Ky. The vectors I, J and K are unit vectors with the vector property I2=J2=K2=IJK= - 1. So, all the dimensions are units of space!

Are there other dimensioons?

It all depends what you mean by dimensions - for example in geometry a point is said to have zero dimension a figure having length, such as a line has one dimension a plane or surface has two dimensions a figure having volume has three dimensions the fourth dimension is said to be time any other dimension can not be represented visually but may be dealt with mathematically

What is the fourth element in the theory of relativity?

the fourth elements or the fourth dimension in the relativity is time. The space are the first three dimensions.

When was The Fourth Dimension - book - created?

The Fourth Dimension - book - was created in 1984.

Does fourth dimension really exist?

Yes. The 4th dimension is time. According to String Theory (which is unverified), there may be as many as 11 dimensions, but dimensions above the fourth are hypothetical.

What 4th dimension warped near black holes?

The fourth dimension is time, and it does become warped near a black hole.