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Q: Who the name of the mathematician who invented the symbols of greater and less than signs?
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Who invented the less than and greater than symbols?

sorry but this is not the correct answer to the question you have asked but it is related but these very inventive signs they were also used for literacy thanks again emily

Who was the French mathematician who invented analytic geometry and contributed to the mathematical notation and was famous for the theorem 'the Rule of Signs'?

René Descartes (1596-1650)

What symbols represent the signs of the zodiac?

The symbols representing the signs can be found at the site below.

Who is the author of Signs and Symbols?

Vladimir Nabokov is the author of the short story Signs and Symbols

How many signs and symbols do Sikh have?

there are 163 symbols

What is chronological order of non verbal communication?

11. The chronological order of non-verbal communication is (A) Signs, symbols, codes, colours (B) Symbols, codes, signs, colours (C) Colours, signs, codes, symbols (D) Codes, colours, symbols, signs

What is the difference between signs and symbols?

so people can see them instantly. Signs have meanings and symbols make you feel something.

What are the Eucharist signs and symbols?

The Eucharist symbols are the bread and wine.

What is an ancient form of writing that uses signs and symbols?

Hieroglyphics is a form of writing that uses signs and symbols and was used by ancient Egyptians.

How can you make a turkey with the keyboard?

You can make a turkey with your keyboard by typing a series of symbols. These are the less than sign, a colon, a greater than sign, and the two equals signs. The turkey will appear to be sideways.

What century did mathematician first used plus and minus signs?

Mathematicians first used the plus and minus signs in the sixteenth century.

Symbols in an Excel formula are called?

There can be different categories of symbols used, but the ones you are referring to would be operators, such as the signs for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Other symbols used include brackets and symbols to aid formatting like currency symbols, decimal points and percentage signs.

Why were signs and symbols made?

Signs are used to convey information, instructions or warnings. Symbols are used to abbreviate words and abstract concepts.

What actors and actresses appeared in Symbols and Signs - 2013?

The cast of Symbols and Signs - 2013 includes: Rodrig Andrisan as Dmitry Jedrzej Nyka as Victor

Signs and symbols of copy reading?

what are the signs and symbol use in copy reading

What is a form of writing that uses signs and symbols?


What are French symbols?

French symbols are signs that relate to France like the national emblem.

What are the most common symbols you see in everyday life?

It is the symbols shown on traffic signs.

Who invented the subtraction plus and equal and multiplication and division signs?

Robert Recorde, who designed the equals sign, introduced plus and minus in 1557. Brahmagupta was an Indian mathematician who invented the multiplication sign around the 19th century. Johann Rahn first used the division sign in his book Teutshe algebra in 1659.

White lettering and symbols painted on the surface of the roadway are used to?

supplement signs

Signs and symbols use in the folk dances?

Symbols and signs of fertility including greenery and a maypole, are sometimes used in folk dances for spring festivals that celebrate the rebirth of spring. Traditional costumes and handholds are other symbols used in folk dances.

If flyleaf's band members are christian then why is their album Memento Mori covered with signs of the devil?

The signs on their album aren't satanic signs. They're symbolic, true, but the album theme is "Remember you will die." The symbols on Memento Mori are reminders of this, not satanic/devil worshipping signs or symbols.

Images of Conventional signs and symbols?

Pictures can't be shown on Answers, so have a look on the internet if pictures are needed. Road signs and maps are good examples of the use of symbols.

Where can you find pictures of laboratory signs and symbols?

Pictures of laboratory signs and symbols can be found in a simple image search on the internet. Pictures of this can also be found inside a science book.

What is the name for the study of signs and symbols?