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Q: Who this number 08119893414 call around 5 o'clock?
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10 oclock :(

How do you do a barrel cast in fishing?

lift the rod towards you then at 12 oclock flick out a loop in nz we call that a barrell cast good for casting a nyph or dry fly

Is a call to a telephone number beginning with 05511 a chargeable call?

Yes. Phone numbers beginning with this number will be charged at 4.255p (excluding VAT) or around 5p (with VAT).

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To find the cars vin number you would have to search around the engine and it is usually around the main head of the engine on the car and it is a long digit number and call the manufacture to verify.

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There are thousands of veterinarians around the world. Please be more specific.

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how do i go about changing my number i have had a number of calls where they call and hang up around 2 am to 4 am and sometimes during the day ?

Call your phone company for a small fee they change your phone number then and there with no transition time. Short of changing your phone company this is the only way to do this. (and its the cheapest)