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the ancient Egyptians used maths first

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Q: Who used maths first?
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When was maths first used?

ever since people were on earth

Where the maths originated first?

Maths first originated in INDIA.

Which was the first book of maths?


How maths is used in building things?

first you get a banana and you put it into your favorite ear

Where was maths first used?

In Ancient Egypt around 2000BC and possibly earlier

Where is maths used in the world?

Everywhere everyday you use maths for

When are modals used?

It is used to do maths

What is professor fiendish first name in murderous maths?


How is maths is used in other subject?

This is a very short answer, but it tells you the basics. Maths is used in science; in science, you measure amounts. Maths is used in history; you use dates. Maths is also used in geography; in geography you count population and take measurements. Maths is used in music as well; you count the beats, multiply the beats and arrange them. There are many other uses of maths in these subjects, if you don't constrain yourself to thinking that maths is STRICTLY hard arithmetic and algebraic problems you will see that maths is in everything you do. From cooking, to breathing, maths is everywhere.

How are vectors used?

in maths

First puc blue prints for maths?

blueprint of maths question paper

How is maths used in science?

in chemistry advanced maths is used for the derivations of equations such as those of kinetics and thermodynamics

Anna university first semester maths question paper?

yes. ptbe first sem maths questions

How do you get pass in maths first semester?

By studing caculus, diferentiation,geometry, matrices by this we can pass in maths first semister

What maths they used for accountants?

maths? maybe you should be concerned about what "englishes" they use

What is pass marks of intermediate first year maths 1a?

28 in maths 1a

What maths is used in gambling?


How is maths used in lacrosse?

It's not.

How is maths used in English?


Why is converse used in maths?

cause it is

Where is maths used?

Maths is used almost everywhere. From science research lab to busyness offices, it has a wide range of uses. It is also used in architecture. Without maths our lives, would be almost impossible.

How is maths used in ATM?

It's used for money.

What maths is used to jump in long jump?

the maths ogbourne demands and bamfo teaches

What are rainforest maths used for?

Rainforest Maths is a site used by a large variety of children. Rainforest Maths is simply a site designed to teach Mathematics interactively to young children.

How is maths used in archery?

maths is used in archery to calculate the distance between the arrow the target and to calculate the arc of the arrow