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Q: Who was Euclid and what was his contribution to mathematics?
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What is contribution of Euclid in geometry?

His major contributions are in geometry and in his book The Elements. He gave many rules of geometry which are also used nowadays. Books of Euclid provide a base of geometry. Euclid's ideas and theories are still considered as basics of mathematics. His most famous work was Metric. Another contribution of Euclid was that he gave the practical ideas in Mathematics.

What was Euclid's most significant contribution to field of mathematics?

Euclid wrote "The Elements", in which he made many rules that define the geometry taught in schools today.

What is the contribution of euclid in the field of mathematics?

Euclid is given the honor of being the Father of Geometry. In his book, 'The Elements', Euclid defines the concept of points, lines and planes and together with postulates and theorems develops the subject known as geometry. This occurred in around 300 BCE.

What is euclid best known for?


What is euclid's contribution interms of math?

euclid division lemma a=bq+r

What is elements in mathematics?

Euclid's elements are a set of 13 books on mathematics written by the Greek mathematician Euclid around 2,300 years ago.

It what fields did Euclid and Hippocrates make their greatest achievements?

Euclid mathematics, Hippocrates medicine.

What branch of mathematics did Euclid study?


Life and contribution in mathematics least 5?

what is the life and contribution of mathematics???

Contribution of euclid?

invention of natural numbers

What were Pythagoras and Euclid best known for in their work?

Pythagoras and Euclid were best known for their work in mathematics.

In what field did Hippocrates and Euclid make their greatest achievement?

Hippocrates and Euclid made their greatest achievements in the fields of Mathematics, Medicine, and Engineering.