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His major contributions are in geometry and in his book The Elements. He gave many rules of geometry which are also used nowadays. Books of Euclid provide a base of geometry. Euclid's ideas and theories are still considered as basics of mathematics. His most famous work was Metric. Another contribution of Euclid was that he gave the practical ideas in Mathematics.

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Q: What is contribution of Euclid in geometry?
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Contribution of euclid in geometry?

he made geometry and theroms

What was Euclid's most significant contribution to field of mathematics?

Euclid wrote "The Elements", in which he made many rules that define the geometry taught in schools today.

Was Euclid known as the mother of geometry?

Euclid was known as the Father of Geometry.

What is the contribution of euclid in the field of mathematics?

Euclid is given the honor of being the Father of Geometry. In his book, 'The Elements', Euclid defines the concept of points, lines and planes and together with postulates and theorems develops the subject known as geometry. This occurred in around 300 BCE.

What are 4 mathematicians contribute in geometry?

Four great mathematicians who contributed to geometry are Pythagoras, Euclid, Rene Descartes and Bernhard Riemann. Pythagoras contributed the Pythagorean theorem. Euclid's geometrical works helped develop geometry in many ways. Descartes contributed Cartesian Geometry. Riemann's contribution can be seen in the form of Riemannian Geometry.

Was there any contribution of euclid in the discovery of pi or something related to circles?

While Euclid was famed for his development and presentation of geometry to the ancient Greek world, it was Archimedes who made a direct contribution to the discovery of pi.I suggest you find an online summary of Euclid's Elementsand use that as a resource.

How does Euclid impact us today?

Euclid was the father of Geometry and he acualy dicovered it and we use Geometry

What Euclid discovered?


Father of geometry?


What was Euclid's passion for?


Who is father of geometry?


Who is the master of geometry?

Euclid was known as the father of geometry.

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