Who was in the band faces?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Who was in the band faces?
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When was Faces - band - created?

Faces - band - was created in 1969.

When was New Faces - band - created?

New Faces - band - was created in 2007.

What is the name of Rod Stewart's post Beatles band?

Rod Stewart was never a Beatle. His band was the Faces.

This band was famous for the black and white makeup on its members' faces?


Which band did Steve Marriott form after The Small Faces?

Humble Pie

What music video has smiley faces in it?

The Happy Monster band! On Disney channel for kids.

Ron wood and Rod Stewart band?

Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood were band mates in (the) Faces, as well as The Jeff Beck Group before that.

What are the workings of a band printer?

Band printers use a scalloped, steel print band that contains a full set of characters. The band is rotated at a high rate of speed, and as the desired character faces the paper, the print hammer for that character is fired.

What band did Ronnie Wood leave to join The Rolling Stones?

The Faces (previously The Small Faces).When Wood was still a member of the Faces, he toured North America with the Rolling Stones in 1975; the Faces announced their break-up in December of that year, and Wood was officially declared a member of the Rolling Stones in February 1976

What albums have been released by the band Fake Number?

The two albums released by the band Fake Number include Cinto Faces de um Segredo and Aquela Musica. Fake Number is a punk rock band from San Paulo, Brazil and includes five band members.

Where can I match names with faces for Korean boy band Super Junior?

Type in on Google images : Super Junior names.

Who played with foghat and humble pie?

In approx 1975 I saw Rod Stewart and the Faces at the LA Forum and the opening band was Foghat.