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Q: Who was in the r and b band who recorded on the cotillion label C and the Shells?
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Who is the lead singer for acdc the band?

Brian Johnson , formerly of the British band GEORDIE, who recorded on the Red Bus label.

What record label was Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band recorded on?

In the UK, it was released on the EMI/Parlophone label. In the US, it was released on Capitol Records, the sister company of EMI.

Dimebag darrel was in which band?

Pantera, Damageplan, and rebel meets rebel he recorded some tracks with Anthrax, Black Label Society, and some others

Is black label society a club?

It is a band.

Should my band get signed by a small label or wait for bigger record label?


Who recorded the song Band On The Run?

The song Band On The Run was recorded for the 1973 album of the same name by Paul McCartney and Wings, between August and September, in two locations: Lagos, Nigeria and Abbey Road Studios, London. It was released on the Apple label and produced by Paul McCartney.

How are profits split between a label and a band?

Unless the band either owns the label or has a special distribution deal with them, the label gets the lion's share of the profits, as well as collecting back all the production costs, before they have to pay the band any royalties. (Even after that... a band that collects a third of the proceeds is considered fortunate.) Advances paid to the band are owed back to the label; if the records lose money, the label can in theory demand repayment for the advances and costs. This can tie up a band (or a solo artist) for years financially.

What is the address of the bandshell in Maniac Magee?

The band shells adress was 101 band shell boulavard

Where was the girl band the saturdays discovered?

By their record label

What was the name of record label for The Drifters?

The Drifters is a popular singing group which originated in the 1950's as a backup band. They have recorded under Atlantic, Bell and Neon Record labels.

Which british band recorded Another Brick In the Wall?

which british band recorded the wall wham pink floyd

Which band recorded the song With All I Am?

The song "With all I am" was recorded by the Hillsong United band, who are a Christian worship band that originated from the Hillsong Church in Australia.

Which band recorded 'wires'?


What band recorded tubthumping?


What band recorded freak?


When was the song Laid recorded by the band James?

The band James recorded a song called Laid that we just love to listen to. The song Laid was recorded by the band James in 1993 and was their fifth studio album.

What band recorded Down with the Sickness?

Down with the Sickness was recorded by the heavy metal band Disturbed, which is American. It was recorded in in 1999, but it was released in March 7, 2000.

What musical label had skillet become a band?

ForeFront Records

What do you NOT do as a record label executive?

You don't book flites for the band

Is emery a Christian band?

The members in the band Emery are Christians, but they don't label their band as a "Christian" band. They're afraid it will interfere with their mission to reach their audience.

Who recorded Misfit in 1987?

The band Curiosity Killed the Cat recorded Misfit.

Who recorded the song Toes?

Toes (song) is recorded by the Zac Brown Band.

Who was the first band to debut a complete song over the internet with a major label with Headfirst?

Aerosmith was the first band to debut a complete song over the internet with a major label with headfirst.

What band recorded ghosts in 1982?

The band was 'Japan' and the album was 'Tin Drum'.

Swedish rock band who recorded The final Countdown?

The band's name was Europe.