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zambiwe fordune

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Q: Who was the fastest runner in the ancient Olympics?
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Who is the fastest runner at London Olympics?

Usain Bolt

Who is the fastest male runner in the olympics?

hussian bolt

Fastest runner in 2008 Olympics?

Yusain Bolt of Jamaica

Who is the world's fastest runner?

Jesse Owens is the world's fastest runner. Since the Beijing Olympics of 2008, Usain Bolt, of Jamaica, has been the outstanding, fastest sprinter in the world.

Who was the fastest runner in the ancient Greeks olympic?

zambiwe fordune

Who is the fastest female runner in the olympics?

Currently the fastest Olympic woman runner is Shelley Ann Fraser Price. She is a Jamaican runner who has won the 100 meter event in 10.70 seconds.jessica elis

Who Is The Fastest Runner In The Beijing Olympics For 100M Man?

The worlds fastest runner is Usain Bolt.He broke his own record and he will break it again............Well I am from the Caribbean and this year in Beijing was our year......But the worlds fastest runner is Usain Bolt and he ran 9.69 seconds.

Who was the fastest runner for Jamaica in the Olympics?

Usain bolt who can run a hundred metres in 9.58 seconds!

Who is the fastest runner out of jls?

Aston is the fastest runner.

Who is the fastest runner in the Olympics?

usain bolt JamaicaJamaican usain boltUsan Bolt.Usain Bolt holds the record.

Who was the fastest female runner of the 100m race in the Beijing Olympics?

Shelly-Ann Fraser of Jamaica won gold and ran the fastest time at 10.78 seconds.

Who is the fastest runner in the whole world?

Usain Bolt, a Jamaican, is not only the fastest runner in the world, but is thought to be the fastest runner of all time.

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