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Hipparchus of Nicaea, (190 BC to 120 BC).

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Q: Who was the father of trigonometry?
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Who is the father of trigonometry?

Hipparchus is the father of trigonometry.

Who is known as the father of trigonometry?

Hipparchus is the father of trigonometry and he was a Greek astronomer who lived between 190-120 B.C. He is considered as the father of trigonometry, a branch of mathematics which studies the angles of sides of triangles. :)

Who is the father of trigonometry and his contribution?


Who isthe father of trigonometry?


History of the father of trigonometry?


Who are the fathers of trigonometry and their contributions?

based on my stock knowledge, i think hipparchus is the father of trigonometry.....

Who discovered the father of trigonometry?

I should imagine that his parents discovered him!

Why is Hipparchus the father of trigonometry?

Because he was credited with working out the mathematics behind it.

Who made trigonometry?

Hipparchus is considered as the father of trigonometry. he was the one who found the relation between angles of a triangle and its lengths of sides. this relation has developed into an entirely new branch in mathematics as trigonometry. so, one might as well say that he 'made' trigonometry.

Who is the main father of trigonometry?

Hipparchus of Nicaea, 190 BC to 120 BC.

Who is father of trigonometry?

Trigonometry has been developed over centuries, and was not discovered per-se by any one person. One might say that Pythagoras is the father of trigonometry because the Pythagorean theorem is so central to trigonometric theory, but many cultures were aware of the Pythagorean theorem before Pythagoras was even born.

What are the 2 branches of trigonometry?

plane trigonometry spherical trigonometry

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