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Q: Who was the first person to dive in a submersible to a depth of 3150 meters?
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Who was the first person to dive in a submersible to a depth of 3150m?

Auguste Piccard

A submarine descended to a level 230 meters below the surface of the ocean. Later it ascended 95 meters and then dove 120 meters. What was the new depth of the submarine?

The submarine will be at a depth of 255 meters. We work it by 230 - 95 + 120 = First, 230 - 95 = 135, and 135 + 120 = 255 meters

Who created the first submersible?

The first submersible was planned. but never built by Englishman William Bourne in 1578. The first practical one built was David Bushnell's 'Turtle' in 1766.

What submersible was the first used to find the titanic?

the alvin by robert ballard

When were submarines first created?

The first submersible of whose construction there exists reliable information was built in 1620

How was the depth of the mariana trench measured?

The Mariana Trench was first measured by HMS Challenger in 1875 using sounding lines. The depth recorded by that method was 4,475 fathoms (8,184m). The first sonar measurement was made by another oceanographic survey ship of the same name, in 1951. The depth reported by that expedition was 10,911 meters.

What is the advantages of depth first search?

advantages of depth first search?

Who was the first person to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds?

Jim Hines

What is the maximum depth achieved by a man made submarine?

The deepest depth achieved by a manned submersible was achieved by the Bathyscaphe Trieste in January of 1960, manned by co-designer Jacqus Piccard (now deceased), and U.S. Navy Lt. Don Walsh.Surveying the deepest point in the oceans, the Challenger Deep area of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific off of the Marianas Islands group, it descended to a depth of nearly 7 miles below the surface of the ocean - 35,761 ft, or 10,900 meters. That's over 1083 times normal atmospheric pressure on its hull at that depth, or 15,928 PSIA (lbs/square inch absolute).Noted filmmaker James Cameron's Deepsea Challengerrecently (March 2012) completed the first ever solo dive to the Challenger Deep with him aboard, touching down at a depth of 35,756 ft, just a few feet shy of Trieste's dive.

When was a submersible invented?

The first known documented making of a submersible is in the year 1620. This design was very flawed and was moved by oars while it was under water which were operated by the people inside of the submersible.

When did the first submersible go to the wreck of the Titanic?

Titanic was discovered in 1985, explored in 1986, and thousands of artifacts were salvaged in 1987.

Difference between breadth first and depth first search in artificial intelligence?

diference between depth first search and breath first search in artificial intelellegence