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Q: Who was the first person to run the100 metres in under 10 seconds?
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Who won the gold medal in 100 metres race in London Olympics 2012?

Usain Bolt from Jamaica won the 100 metres in London Olympics 2012. He is the first man to hold both the100 metres and 200 metres world records.

How fast was the wright brothers plane?

The first flight of the Wright Brother flyer was 260 metres and lasted 59 seconds. That is about 15.3 km/h

How long does it take for the average person to form a first impression?

About 10 seconds

Who was the first person to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds?

Jim Hines

How long is the track drop on th13teen?

First, the track and train freefall 2 feet and about 2 seconds later the track and train freefall again, approximately five metres in darkness.

Who was the first person to beat 19 seconds in the 200 meter dash?

Noone has achieved this yet. The world record set by Usain Bolt is 19.19 seconds.

3.6 km per hour is how many to m per second?

First, convert kilometres per hour to metres per hour. There are 1000 metres in one kilometre, therefore, 3.6 kilometres per hour is equal to 3.6 x 1000 = 3600 metres per hour. Next, convert metres per hour to metres per second. There are 3600 seconds in one hour. Therefore, 3600 metres per hour is equal to 3600/3600 = 1 metre per second.

How can you make a balloon remain on a person's cheek for at least 3 seconds?

Rub it in a someone's hair first to polarize it.

What are the first Five Units of Distance?

There are no first five because there is really no first: you can always use a smaller unit. In terms of reasonably well known prefices, the answer could be: yoctometre = 10-24 metres zeptometre = 10-21 metres attometre = 10-18 metres femtometre = 10-15 metres picometre = 10-12 metres. But, the first could be defined as the Planck length = 1.616199*10-35 metres. This is the smallest measurable distance.

What is the height after it has been climbing for 5 seconds?

First we must classify "It". According to search engine, the first logical most used word in the English language is "you". So assuming you are "it", and you are an average person who can walk at 5 km/h, on a level surface you will walk 6.9 metres. Now we must decide the angle of climb. Let's say you're walking on a rural road where a slope could be approximately 18 degrees. Your average walking speed may be reduced to around 4 km/h, meaning you travel 5.6 metres in 5 seconds. So we're finally ready to solve the height after 5 seconds. Setting up the trigonometric function, we can see that Sin(18 degrees) = (x / 5.6) Solving for x gives us 1.73 m. So after 5 seconds, it has reached a height of 1.73 m vertically.

What is the size of Sirius the ship in the first fleet?

The H.M.S. Sirius, flagship of the First Fleet, weighed 540 tons. The Sirius had a length of 30 metres, a breadth of 10 metres, depth was 4 metres and the height of her mainmast above the deck was 32 metres.

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