Who writes top to bottom?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Who writes top to bottom?
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Is numerator on top or bottom?

is it on the top or bottom?????/

Do you read a miniscus from top to bottom or bottom to top?


Is denominator on the top or bottom?

Numerator on top; denominator on the bottom.

Are biceps on top or bottom?

it is on the bottom of your arm

Is there a top and a bottom of a worm?

Yes it does have a top and a bottom.

If three is showing on the top side of a die which number is on the bottom?

The opposites sides always add up to 7. So: * If 1 is on top, 6 is on the bottom * If 2 is on top, 5 is on the bottom. * If 3 is on top, 4 is on the bottom. * If 4 is on top, 3 is on the bottom * If 5 is on top, 2 is on the bottom. * If 6 is on top, 1 is on the bottom.

What is the rule in comparing a set of fractions?

the top adds what the bottom adds. the top subtracts what the bottom subtracts. the top divides what the bottom divides. the top multiplies what the bottom multiplies.

When was From Top to Bottom created?

From Top to Bottom was created in 2009.

Does the earth have a top and a bottom?

The Earth doesn't have a top or a bottom because it spins on its axis always changing the top or the bottom

Is a denominator at the top or the bottom?


How do you do level 40 on telescope on logic box for iPods?

Top-right yellow, Top blue X2, Middle Blue, Top Blue, Top Red X2, Top Blue, Top-right Yellow, Top-middle Green, Top-right Yellow, Top Red, Top-middle-right Green, Middle Blue, Top-left Yellow, Bottom-left Red, Bottom Blue, Bottom Yellow X2, Bottom Blue, Bottom-left Red X2, Bottom Blue, Bottom Yellow, Bottom Blue, Bottom-right Red. :)(:

How can you tell if you have a top or bottom locker?

Your teacher will tell you if you have a top locker or bottom. If your Lucky she or he will let you pick if you want top or bottom.