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Q: Why are 8 tracks better than the original one?
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Which is worse spirit tracks or phantom hourglass?

I actually thought Phantom hourglass was one of the better Zeldas lately. I'd say it was better than spirit tracks, but spirit tracks isn't bad either

Why is the digital alarm clock better than the origanal alarm clock?

It is better because people can read it better that the original one.

Which one is better sol republic tracks HD or soul by Ludacris SL150?

Sol Republic Tracks HD are more expensive but better than Soul by Ludacris SL150. Sol Republic Tracks HD offer a 3.5mm input and a microphone; Soul by Ludacris SL 150 does not offer these options.

Who sang rocking chair?

Magnum. One of their better tracks. (or at least, they did the one I know).

Is the LG Chocolate 8550 better than the original as far as texting?

yes it is way better im getting one on august 2nd

Which one is better the wind waker or spirit tracks?

I would say The Wind Waker.

Are round trip tickets a better deal than one way?

Round trips are generally a better deal than one way, depending on the original cost of the ticket. Normally with round trip tickets you are offered a small discount.

Is the new Quiet Riot now better than the original 80's one?

Whether Quite Riot is better now than in the 80s is purely subjective. Personally, I think that they were better in the 80s because they had a more unique sound.

Who is better Lil Wayne or Lupe Fiasco?

Lupe Fiasco is much better. Seeing as Yoga Flame that is over one of Lil Wayne's beats, is much better than the original. Lupe with his ingenuity and his tongue twisters is better.

How many tracks on the sled racing game?

It depends on which one you choose. There are four sled racing games you can play, and one has four tracks, one has three tracks and two have only two tracks.

When was Two Is Better Than One created?

Two Is Better Than One was created in 2008.

What does Be yourself an original is always better than a copy mean?

"Be yourself, an original is always better than a copy." is a saying refers to the embracing of one's self and their own original traits and characteristics, it also means that people who are themselves are original and are worth a lot more than people who are copies. In a more simple way of explaining this, everybody is different and we should accept our differences and be unique people. I hope this answer was effective and helped you to understand what the saying means.

Who is better than Spain in football?

no one is better than Spain

Where can one find guitar backing tracks?

One get guitar backing tracks for free. They can search at Guitar Backing Tracks. They have many backing tracks from Ozzy Osbourne to Guns and Roses.

How do you know that one language is better than another?

how do you know that one language is not better than another

What was a movie about two brothers that had an ambition for running to be more descriptive one brother came home who was a mess up and ended up being better than his brother who was a star athlete?

Across the tracks

What is better than pie?

Two pies are better than one pie!

Who is Better than the Glasgow Rangers?

There are better teams. But no one has one more trophies than Glasgow Rangers.

When was Two Pianos Are Better Than One created?

Two Pianos Are Better Than One was created in 1994.

What are problems faced in multinational company?

That the other company whants to be better than that one and that one whants to be better than the other one

How many tracks in one cylinder?

1 cylinder = 15 tracks

Is Andy better than Jeff hardy?

No one is better than Jeff Hardy.

Is one portable Wi-Fi better than another?

Is one portable Wi-Fi better than another

What is belief that one race is better than another called?

Racism is the belief that one race is better than another.

Is one direction better than the Beatles?

The beatles is better than gay Direction the beatles sing better because one direction is gay direction