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Q: Why do i take fifty pound dookies?
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What is twelve pound take away five pound fifty?


How did the sinking of the Lusitania effect America on its decision for neutrality?

They loved to take huge dookies on the enemy...

What shops take a Fifty Pound note?

Although the Fifty Pound is legal tender in England and Wales and can be used to settle debts, Shopkeepers are entitled to refuse large banknotes for small purchases.

Do horses like to poop?

they like to take large dookies on peoples heads and also off of roofs

When do the old fifty pound notes go out of circulation?

When does the old fifty pound note go out of circulation

What is the value of a 1620 British Fifty Pound note?

The first British Fifty Pound note was issued in 1725.

How long would it take at 60 pound a month to pay 3000 pounds?

Fifty months

When did the Fifty Pound note come in?

The Bank of England first issued a regular Fifty Pound note in around 1725. The Bank of England issued the modern Fifty Pound note in 1981.

Do you say one pound and fifty cents or one pound and fifty cent?

cent [: hope it helped

What is the value of a British Fifty Pound note from the 16th century?

The first British Fifty Pound note was issued in 1725.

What is the value of a 1977 British gold Fifty Pound coin?

The first gold Fifty Pound coin issued by the Royal Mint was in 1987.

What other denominations are there besides the Five pound note and the fifty pound note?

If you refer to Bank of England banknotes, those currently in circulation include the Five, Ten, Twenty and Fifty Pound notes.

How many Bank of England Fifty Pound notes are in circulation?

The Bank of England advises that at the end of February, 2009, there were 173,820,000 Fifty Pound notes in circulation.

What percent of protein will a 50 pound chicken have in it?

If you know of a fifty pound chicken please give Guinness World Records a phone call and take pictures. Chickens do not grow to 50lbs.

When is the Sir John Houblon Fifty Pound note to be withdrawn?

The Bank of England has not yet announced the date for withdrawal of the Sir John Houblon Fifty Pound note.

How much do tomatoes cost?

a dollar fifty for a pound

How much does a 1 pound turkey cost?

A 1 pound turkey is about four dollars and fifty cents.

How many potatoes are in a fifty pound bag?

a lot A LOT

What fraction of ten pounds is two pound fifty?


What is the highest amount of the British Pound?

The largest denomination of British currency currently in circulation is the Fifty Pound note.

What was the original plan behind the Fifty Pound note?

The modern Fifty Pound note was introduced into the currency in 1981 to keep pace with the times and inflation. The introduction of a higher value banknote, such as the Fifty Pound note, relieves the pressure on the smaller banknotes such as the Ten and Twenty Pound notes. This means that the Ten and Twenty Pound notes will last longer in circulation and become relatively cheaper to produce and maintain in circulation due to a reduced demand for them.

Are you entitled to refuse a fifty pound note?

The Bank of England Fifty Pound note is legal tender in England and Wales, and by arrangement with the banks concerned, in Scotland and Northern Ireland as well. A business person is entitled to refuse large denomination banknotes for small purchases, ie. a Fifty Pound note for a packet of chewing gum.

What is the average cost of a can soft drink?

in the UK about 1 pound fifty

How many fifty pence in one pound?

two fifty pence 100p=£1. £100/50p=2

What is fifty dollars in English pound?

Today, Jan 4th 2016, fifty U.S. dollars is worth 34 British pounds.