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Q: Why 1 kg cotton and 1 kg iron has same inertia?
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What happens when 1 kg of cotton and 1 kg iron are weighed in vacuum?

The have the same weight.

When the weight of iron bar is kg and cotton is kg so who is heavier?

both are same havier

IF you drop 1 kg cotton and 1 kg iron together from the roof of a house which will fall to the ground first?

1 Kg of iron will hit the ground first. Although both the cotton and iron will experience the same acceleration because of their same masses, cotton will experience more air resistance due to its large size.

Which one is heavier 1 kg of iron or cotton?

they weigh the same silly

Which one is heavier 1kg iron or 1 kg cotton in vacuum?

The weight of a body in air is its apparent weight because the body body remains immersed in air . Therefore apparent weight of 1kg cotton and one kg iron is same .But volume of 1 kg cotton is greater than the volume of 1 iron

Which one is heavier 1kg of cotton or 1kg of iron?

They both weigh the same, 1 kg

Which one is heavier 2kg 0f cotton or 1.5 kg of iron?

When we say that 1 kg of iron / cotton, we mean that it is the apparent weight. As they are already displacing air and by Archimedes' Principle they both are acted upon by the buoyant force directly proportional to the weight of air they displaced, and cotton displaces more air, therefore its actual weight is more than actual weight of iron.

Does a 2-kg iron brick have as much inertia as a 1-kg block of wood?


If you drop a 15 kg iron bar and a 5 kg bag of cotton from a height of 50 meters which will reach the ground first?

iron bar first

Describe why one kg of iron in comparision to one kg of cotton takes less space?

Since one Kg of iron is much more dense (the weight is concentrated in a smaller area) than cotton, it takes up less space.

What is the SI unit of inertia?

The unit of Inertia is kg and the Moment of Inertia is kg*m^2

Which is these two is heavy 1 KG cotton or 1 KG iron?

Both are as heavy as each other. however as iron is more dense, it would take up much less space.