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The numbers 8 and 23 are irrational number because they do not go into any more number than themselves. This is taught in math.

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Q: Why 8 out of 23 irrational?
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Is -23 a rational or irrational number?


Is -8 a irrational number?

Negative 8, which can also be written as -8, is a irrational l number. How? Irrational numbers are numbers that are not rational, and -8 is not rational.

Is 1/8 irrational or rational?


Is 8 pied irrational?

Not sure what pied means. 8*pi is irrational.

Is -23 an irrational number?


Is 23/3 a irrational number?


Is 23 an irrational number?


What is 3 over 8 as an irrational number?

3/8 is rational, it can't be irrational.

Is 23 percent an irrational number?


Is square root 8 irrational or rational?

It is an irrational number

Is an irrational number closed under division?

No. sqrt(8) is irrational sqrt(2) is irrational but sqrt(8) /sqtr(2) = sqrt(4) = ±2 is not irrational.;

Is the square root of 23 a rational number?

No. Square root of 23 is irrational.

Why the number 8 is irrational?

8 is not an irrational number because it can be expressed as a fraction in the form of 8/1 and so therefore it is a rational number

What is 8 root 2 as a whole number?

It can't be expressed as a whole number. The square root of two is irrational, and the product of an irrational number and a rational number is also irrational. So 8*sqrt(2) is irrational.

Is the square root of 8 irrational?

yes because √2 is irrational and √8= √[4*2]=2√2

Is the square root of 64 an irrational number?

No it's 8, which is not irrational.

What happen when 8 is multiplied by an irrational number?

The product will also be irrational.

Is the square root of 8 a real number or a rational number or an irrational number or integers or a whole number?

The square root of 8 is irrational and real.

Is 8 an irrational number?

8 is an integer, which, by definition, are not irrational. In particular, an irrational number is a number that cannot be written in the form p/q for p and q both integers. However, since 8 clearly is equal to 8k/k for any integer k (and for that matter any nonzero number k), 8 is not irrational

Is negative 8 irrational?


Is -8 an irrational number?


is 7/8 a rational or irrational?


Is the square root of 8 an irrational number?

The square root of 8 is an irrational number because it cannot be represented as a fraction of two integers.

Is the square root of 8 over 25 rational irrational or a real number?

The square root of 8 over 25 is irrational, and real.

Is one-eighth irrational?

One-eighth (1/8) is not irrational because it can be expressed exactly in decimal notation. 1/8=.125