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You do not, but in the world of science publication, if it was something key, you would have to prove it. Such as saying you made a compound, you have to produce all the spectra. In this case, as it is stated as 14.0cm, it is likely she did not round up. You round up to get rid of figures, not to replace the significant figure with a zero. If she quoted as 14cm, there would be more suspicion.

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Q: Why Olivia said her pencil is 14.0 cm long how do you know she measured to the nearest millimetre?
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What is a pencil measured in?

a pencil is measured in inches

The length of a pencil is best measured in?

The length of a pencil is best measured in centimeters

If the length of a pencil is 11 centimetres correct to the nearest centimetre. What is the least length the pencil could be to the nearest centimetre?


Is a width of a pencil measured in millimeters centimeters meters or kilometers?

they are measured in centimeters.

The length of a pencil measured to the nearest inch half inch and quarter inch is 2 inches .Use a drawing to explain how this is possible?

i mean it yall have to shet up an give me my answer

What is the measurement of the pencil by the nearest in?

a pencil is 7 1/4 inches long with out a rubber on it

How long is the pencil to the nearest inch?

A standard pencil is 19cm (7.5in) long.

What is the length of a pencil to the nearest quarter inch?


What is the equivalent of the smallest division on a meter stick?

It depends. If the division is wider than an ordinary pencil then it is a centimetre. If it is much narrower than that then it is a millimetre.

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it would be measured in grams

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Length of unsharpened pencil is measured in cm . km is a bigger quantity.

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You can use the circumference of the pencil and the circumference formula to find the radius. Set the measured circumference equal to 2pi*radius and solve. I measured it to about .75 of an inch, so: .75=2pi*radius r=.75/2pi