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They are not! 5-3, for example is not 1/52 nor (1/5)2.

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Q: Why are 5 to the negative power and 1 over 5 to the 2 power the same?
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How is 5 to the negative 2 power the same as 1 over 5 to the 2 power?

That is the definition of negative powers.

How do you solve a number to the negative power?

it's the same as 1 over the same number to a positive power. 2 to the power -3 = 1/ 2 cubed = 1/8

1 over 3 to the negative two power?

1 over 3 to the negative 2nd power is 9

What happen when a power is negative?

It is 1 over that number to the same power, but positive. So 4^-5=1/4^5

How do you calculate a negative power such as 5 to the negative 5 power?

It is equivalent to 1 over 5 to the power of 5, or 1 over 3125.

Is negative 1 sixth and negative 1 over 6 the same?


What is one to the negative first power?

1-1 is the same as 1/1 = 1

What is 10 to the negative power 10?

The same as 1 / 1010.

What is 1 over 2 to the negative 5 power?


10 to the power of negative 6?

1000000 * * * * * NO! That is 10 to the power of 6. 10 to the power of NEGATIVE 6 is 1 over 1000000 or 0.000001

What is 1 over n to the negative 3rd power?

It is n cubed.

Is 5 to the negative 2 power positive or negative?

it is a positive fraction 5^-2=1 over 5^2 answer is 1 over 25

What is eight to the negative three power?

That is the same as 1 divided by 8 to the positive power 1/(8x8x8) = 1/512

What is 7 to the negative one power equal?

7 -1 same as 1/7 ===

How is 6 to the power of negative 2 different from 6 to the power of 2?

6 to the negative 2nd means that it equals 1 over 6 to the negative 2nd.

What is x to the negative 3rd power?

That's the same as 1 divided by (x to the power 3).

What is 4 over negative 16 simplified?

Negative one fourth. -1/4. And. 1/-4 are the same, which number has the negative does not matter

Is 0.00036 the same as 3.6 times ten to the fourth power?

No it is ten to the negative fourth power. If the number is greater than 1 it is to a positive power, if the number is smaller thann 1 it is to a negative power.

What is a number raised to the negative power?

It's the inverse of the number raised to the power. 2 to the power of negative 3 would be 1/8th.1 over 25Improvement(shininggallade):When raising a whole number to a negative power, simply raise 5 to the second power, which is 25, and put a 1 over it. 5^-2=1/25 A more technical definition is to reverse the numerator and denominator and then apply the power. Remember 5 is the same as 5/1, so (5^-2)/1=1/(5^2)=1/25(The symbol for "to the power of" is "^" just to let you know.)

Five names for negative 215?

1 to the -1st power over -215

What is 8 to the negative 2nd power?

A negative power equals the reciprocal of the same number to the equivalent positive power. Example : 2 ⁻³ = 1/2³ Then 8⁻² = 1/8² = 1/64 = 0.015625

What does 5 to negative 2 power equal?

it equals 1/25, or 0.04. A number to a negative power is the reciprocal of the number to that same positive power. x^(-y) = 1/(x^y)

How do you solve 5 to the negative second power?

1 over 5^2. which is 1/25

Is x to the -1 power the same as 1 divided by x?

Yes. In general, a negative power can be defined as follows: a-b = 1 / ab.

Quotient that equals to 4 to the negative fifth power?

4 to the power -4is the same as: 1 / (4 to the power 4)