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it is a positive fraction

5^-2=1 over 5^2

answer is 1 over 25

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Q: Is 5 to the negative 2 power positive or negative?
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Is 5 to the negative 2 power a positive or negative number?

it is positive =1/25

A negative plus a negative is positive?

No a negative plus a negative is not a positive answer. example. -5+-2=-7 but if you are subtracting a negative number from a negative, then the second negative number would become a positive. example. -5 - -2= -5+2= =-3

What is negative 5 to the power of negative 2 times negative 5 to the power of negative 2?

negative 0.0016

Is five negavite two is a positive or negative number?

I am going to say positive. If it is 5 -2 well that is 3, which is positive. Possibly you mean 5 with a small -2 slightly raised after it. That means 5 raised to the power of -2. Any time you have a negative exponent, you can take the reciprocal, and make it positve. So 5^-2 {the ^ symbol means to raise the power of} can be rewritten as 1/(5^2), which is 1/25. And this is a positive number as well.

What is 5 - -2 positive or negative?


What is 5 times -2?


What is positive 3 plus negative 5 minus negative 2 minus positive 4?

Positive 3 plus negative 5 minus negative 2 minus positive 4 is equal to -4.

What is a negative minus a ngeative?

a negative + negative = negative (ex. -10+-10=-20) a positive + negative = a positive or a negative depending on how high the negative number is (ex1. 10+-5=5 , ex2. 10+-15=-5) a positive + positive = a positive "obviously" (ex. 2+2=4) a negative - negative = positive (ex. -5--10=5) because the minus sign and the negative sign automatically turn into an addition sign.

What is the value of 2 with the power of negative 1?

1/2, or .5When you raise a number to a negative power, you are dividing one by that number to the positive version of that power. For example, 5^-6 = 1/(5^6).So, 2^-1 = 1/(2^1), or 1/2, which = .5

Is a negative to a negative power positive?

No, or more accurately "not necessarily".A negative to any even power is positive. -2, -4, -6 etc. are even, so a negative number raised to any of those powers will be positive.However, a negative number raised to an odd negative power (-1, -3, -5 etc.) will be negative.

What is negative 10 divided by negative 2?


If you plus a positive with a negative what do you get a positive or a negative?

Either one. 5 + (-7) = -2 5 + (-2) = 3 You can even get zero: 5 + (-5) = 0

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