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Because they were used in Ancient India. The Arabs learned them from here and spread to the world. That's why in the beginning the Europeans called them Arabic numbers but the arabians itself called them Hindu numbers. So now they are jointly called the Hindu-Arabic numbers.

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Q: Why are Hindi Arabic numerals called Hindi Arabic numerals?
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Why are Hindi-Arabic numerals called Hindi-Arabic numerals?

They are actually called Hindu-Arabic numerals, so named because the system originated in India and was brought to Europe by the Western Arabs.

How do you write 448 in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

448 already IS in Hindi-Arabic numerals

How do you write 192 in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

192 already IS in Hindi-Arabic numerals.

What is 84 in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

84 already is written in Hindi-Arabic numerals. If you want it converted to Roman numerals, it's LXXXIV

What is 27 in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

27 already is written in Hindi-Arabic numerals. (The Hindi-Arabic numerals are 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9)

What is CLX in Hindi-Arabic numerals?


What is XIV in Hindi-Arabic numerals?


What is DCCLXVII in Hindi-Arabic numerals?


What is XXI in Hindi-Arabic numerals?


What are the Hindi-Arabic numerals of CMXLV?


What is XXVI In Hindi-Arabic numerals?


What are the Hindi-Arabic numerals for cccxc?


What is XL in Hindi Arabic numerals?

It is: 40

What is XVI in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

It is: XVI = 16

What is 192 in Hindi Arabic numerals?

Exactly as in the question

What is X in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

X = 10

What are the Hindi Arabic numerals for XCCMXCIX?

The given numerals are an invalid arrangement of Roman numerals and so therefore no equivalent Hindu-Arabic numerals are possible.

Why are Arabic numerals called Arabic numerals when they actually came from India?

Arabic numerals are called that because the European interpretation of those numbers comes from the Arabs. The numerals are called Arabic numerals (even though they do not resemble modern Arabic numerals in the slightest) to distinguish them from Roman numerals.

Who made Hindi-Arabic numerals?

The Hindu Arabic number system was in fact started by Indians, back then known as Brahmi Numerals. They then slowly evolved to become Hindu Arabic numerals.

What is MMMDD in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

The string "DD" is not valid so there can be no answer.

What is mcdxlv in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

In today's terms they represent 1445

How do write 12629 in Hindi-Arabic Numerals?

12629 is already written in Hindu/Arabic numerals, those are the numbers which are used in most countries on the planet.

WHAt is 12629 in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

12629 is already written in Hindu-Arabic numerals, which is the number system used in most countries in the world today.

What is mmcdlxx in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

The Roman numeral MMCDLXX represents the number 2470

What is 192 in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

Hindu/Arabic numbers are the system of numbers which are used in most countries of the world. 192 is a Hindu/Arabic number.