Why are all triangles unique?

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They are not - if you consider congruent triangles to be the same.

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Q: Why are all triangles unique?
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How can you tell whether a triangle is unique?

All triangles are unique compared to other polygons inasmuch that they have only 3 sides and no diagonals.

Are all equilateral triangles acute triangles?

Yes all equilateral triangles are acute triangles, but not all acute triangle are equilateral triangles.

Are all triangles semmetrical?

No. But all isosceles triangles and equilateral triangles are.

How many unique triangles can be made when one angle measures 90 and another is half that measure?

If one angle is 90°, and another half of that, then it must be 45° and so the third angle is also 45°. There is an infinite number of unique triangle with these angles. They are called similar triangles.

All isosceles triangles are also equilateral triangles?

No. All equilateral triangles are isosceles, but not all isosceles triangles are equilateral.

Are all triangles polgons?

yes. all triangles.

Are all equilateral triangles also isoscelles triangles?

Yes. But not all isosceles triangles are equilateral.

How many sides does a edquilateral triangle have?

All Triangles have 3 Sides. The only thing that is unique about an equilateral triangle is all 3 sides are the same length.

What are the names of all triangles and their definitions?

What is the names of all the triangles?

Do all triangles have right angle?

No. Only right triangles do, and not all triangles can be right triangles. Equilateral triangles, for example, are always 60°-60°-60°. Isosceles and scalene triangles can be right triangles; all isosceles triangles have the additional useful property of being able to be split into two right triangles.

Are all right triangles isosceles triangles?


What are all the mathematical triangles called?

The set of all triangles, probably.

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