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Well, one reason is that if digital replaces dial.... people won't know the difference between clockwise and counter clockwise. :)

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โˆ™ 2012-11-26 03:56:26
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Q: Why are dial clocks better than digital clocks?
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What do you believe is Isaac Asimov purpose in Dial versus digital?

his main purpose is to make people aware of the consequences that might result if we turn to using digital clocks rather than dial clocks. He wants to inform us of the importance of dial clocks regarding many life aspects other than as a means of telling time for e.g. telling directions.

Do digital clocks keep time as well or better than standard clocks with hands?

Digital clocks will keep time at least as well as a manual mechanical clock.

Are microwavs with digital timers better than the ones with the manual dial?

I would argue that digital timers are better because dials are often difficult to set for exact time amounts. Also the digital timers allow the consumer the ability to perform other operations that a dial is not able to provide.

Why are LED digital clocks more reliable than analog clocks?

led gives accuracy results

Are wall clocks better than the older version clocks in the 1900s?

That's a subjective question, really. Technically, we have digital clocks now, which are much easier to tell the time with. They are also thinner and less prone to breaking. So, there is evidence to support such a claim.

Is an analog clock more accurate than a digital clock?

Digital clocks will be the most accurate because its computer operated.

What is better an iPod or a digital camera?

an ipod is better than a digital camera

Is dial up better than broadband?

Not at all, BroadBand Runs mutch faster than Dial-Up.

Was the digital clock invented after the pendulum clock?

Oh yes. pendulum Clocks rely on mechanics. Digital Clocks rely on Electronics. And we didn't learn to use Electronics until way later than mechanics.

Is dial up access slower than digital?

Dial-up internet is outdated and painfully slow. Digital internet is fast and you don't have to worry about someone picking up the phone, throwing you offline.

Can you write a sentence using the word digital nce using the word digital?

I have a digital clock; I find it easier to read than analog clocks with hands and regularly spaced numbers.

Are clock radios better than regular clocks?

Clock radios are better than regular clocks because you can set an alarm so that it wakes you with music as opposed to the buzzer that sounds at the end of a sport period.

What is analog ac ammeter?

It is an AC ammeter that has a dial with a needle that travels across it, rather than a digital readout.

Are the digital tempurature controls more efficent then the old dial type tempurature controls What brands offer the digital tempurature controls.?

Yes, digital temperature controls allow you to get the refrigerator to an exact temperature rather than just close to it like the dial type temperature controls do. BIOCOLD is a brand that offers digital temperature controls.

Why is a digital thermometer better than a glass thermometer?

because a digital thermometrer is more accurate than a glass thermometer

Is digital projection better?

Better than what? Low cholesterol butter? KY lubricant?

Why digital is better than analog?

Neither are better then the other it all depends on the application.

What type of digital camera is better either with optical zoom or digital zoom?

Optical zoom is way better than digital zoom as digital only expands the picture. Optical zoom actually zooms in.

Is a digital weight scale as accurate as the old fashioned ones?

An old fashioned dial scale is more accurate than a digital scale. The error rate for digital scale is only 1%, which isn't too bad.

What makes an HD Digital Camera better than other digital cameras.?

An HD Digital Camera is better than a regular digital camera because the pictures are high quality and are shown in high definition. Plus you do not have to worry about red eye and blurs in your photos.

Does caress soap works better than dial soap?

yes yes Caress is best for skin softening, but Dial is best for antibacterial use.

Why digital TV is better than analog TV?

it isn't, digital tv may seem better and bigger, but with annalog tv's the pixel resolution and picture quality is better.

Is the ps5 digital better than the ps5 disc version?

disc version

Is a Vistaquest digital camera better than a Coolpic digital camera?

Comparing digital cameras all depends on what you are looking for in a camera. Try comparing the megapixels on the camera. The higher the megapixel, the better the picture it will produce.

How is dsl service transmitted?

A (Digital Subscriber Line) is a service provided by most Internet Service Providers. You are required to have a phone line for this service. It sends data through the line in different frequencies than voice data. This is a much better choice than Dial-up.