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they are better than other scientific calculators because prime factorization can be done by these..

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Q: Why are fx82es plus and fx991es plus calculator better than other scientific calculators?
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Is there a book that will teach me how to better use a calculator?

One very good place to start is the instruction book that came with the calculator when you bought it. There are so many different kinds of calculators that no one book could show you which keys to push on several different calculators.

Where can you find a savings calculator?

Savings calculators are useful tools for those wanting better control of their finances. Many banks offer savings calculators, while some smartphones have applications availble for use.

Why your calculator displays an infinity sign when you divide by zero?

Division by zero is not allowed, an undefined operation. I've never seen a calculator display the infinity symbol, but it's probably better for the calculator to do that rather than display the message "You're not supposed to do that, dummy!"

Which is better ti-89 or ti-84 plus?

The TI-89 is the better calculator. It has more functions than the TI-84, but is also more complex. Each is better for different situations or skill levels with calculators.

What type of calculator is used specifically for algebra?

For basic algebra, you can use a calculator with basic functions on it used for arithmetic. If you are trying to solve more complex equations, a scientific calculator will suit you better.

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How does the calculator benefit human life?

The calculator is better at doing boring calculations than a human is, it solves most questions more quickly and accurately. This allows humans to spend more time doing what calculators can't (exerting creativity, formulating theories, etc.).

Do you like to use a calculator?

It keeps track of all the numbers. Instead of calculators that only show what you're doing, it'll show what you did. For example, a regular computer calculator doesn't show you what you punch in. After you punch in 463 + 1, the second you press another number, that first number goes away, so you have to get a better calculator, or recalculate. With a scientific calculator, you get a ride variety of buttons to help with different types of equations, and you have (on most) the ability to go back and check your question, and the ability to manipulate past numbers/signs.

What is 37.32 I'n Scientific notation?

3.732 x 10¹37.32 = 3.732e+1That's the way some calculators express scientific notation, but the first answer is correct and a better choice.On most calculators superscripts aren't an option and there also would be no confusion regarding "e" -- it doesn't represent e, the base of natural logs -- a problem encountered were scientific notation written this way anywhere other than a calculator.Why correct a correct answer; there are enough unanswered questions.

Which is better buy 12 calculators for 144 or 27 calvulators for 432?

144/12 = 12 and 432/27 = 16 So the better buy is 12 calculators for 144

How to Properly Use a Calculator?

A calculator is an essential tool for students, one that is designed to make studying that much easier. With proper use, the calculator can make even the most complicated problems simple. Mastering the calculator can also help students in understanding certain mathematic equations better and quicker, making the learning processes more enjoyable for them. However, having a calculator is not enough – you need to know how all of the buttons work to make sure that you make the most out of it. Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the basic mathematical symbols, as they are used freely in most calculators. The basic calculator models use the following signs: (+) for addition, (-) for subtraction, (x or *) for multiplication and (÷ or /) for division. Step 2: Take the time to master the mentioned mathematical processes, so you can easily understand how the calculator works. This gadget is there to help you understand mathematic s better, and you should not solely rely on it to do all the work for you. The calculator would not be completely successful if you do not understand what the processes are about. Step 3: Familiarize yourself on how the calculator’s buttons are positioned. Basic calculators have the same basic design as well – the numbers positioned in the middle, with zero at the bottom and working upwards; they are also placed in three rows, up to the number nine. The basic math symbols are positioned to the right of the numbers. Step 4: When you need more processes, or if you are learning about higher mathematical equations and solutions – you will need to get a scientific of graphing calculator. These kinds of calculators can handle more challenging equations, as well as more complicated mathematical processes. Knowing how a calculator works will help you a lot in making the most out of this gadget. This handy friend should be used and not abused, so you can learn what you need to know about mathematical processes.