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Boeing Airlines, Inc is the name of the company that manufactures many of the planes that fly today.

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Q: Why are planes called Boeing?
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Where can you buy Boeing RC planes?

boeing do not make RC planes.

Where the planes on the September attacks Boeing 747's?

No,the planes where Boeing 757s and 767s.

What does Boeing export?

Boeing exports planes.

What is the first serial number of Boeing planes?

The first serial number of Boeing planes is 707.

Which all Boeing aircraft are there in kingfisher airlines Mumbai?

The Kingfisher planes use the Airbus planes made in France planes for its fleet. Not the Boeing.

What planes have british airways have?

Boeing 737, Boeing 747-500, Boeing 777, Airbus A230, Airbus A330

What planes do Jet2 use on Newcastle to Dalaman flights?

Boeing 737 or Boeing 757.

How many planes has Boeing made?


What type of planes were used in September 11 attacks?

Boeing 767s on WTC; Boeing 757s elewhere

What planes fly to barbados by thomsonfly?

the Boeing 767

Why is Boeing a TNC?

cus it sells planes to airlines

Are Boeing planes safer than Airbus?


What company makes Southwest airline planes?


What airline was it that crashed into twin towers?

The airline that crashed into the twin towers were both planes called Boeing 767 jetliners.

Are Boeing 747 planes still in use?

Yes, however the most common one is the Boeing 747-400.

Where are US planes made?

One's Boeing and that's in Seattle

What are the names of the newer planes?

Airbus A380 and Boeing 787

Which company starting with b makes jet planes?


Where can one find information about the Boeing KC 135?

Boeing's website is a large repository of information of all of Boeing's planes including the Boeing KC 135. There are also many books about the Boeing KC 135 such as BOEING: Boeing 707 KC-135 and Their Derivatives by Dominique Breffort available for purchase.

WType of engine in aircraft?

Smaller planes have piston engines, but bigger planes like the Boeing 717-777 and other planes have turbine engines

Difference between Boeing 747 or 777?

the 747 is larger than the 777 and has 2 decks, but the two planes are made by boeing.

What are the different type of planes?

There are millions of types like Boeing 737 Boeing 707 bombardier CRJ700 etc there are just lots

Who makes planes?

boeing, airbus, embraer, dassault, bombardier, etc

What planes were used on 911?

I believe 747 Boeing passenger jets

What did the nine eleven planes look like?

I think the 9/11 planes were Boeing 767s. im not sure. they were big but!