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Students are taught trigonometry so they meet the needs in architecture, astronomy and in other fields because trigonometry is the branch of Maths and maths is being used everywhere.

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Q: Why are students taught trigonometry?
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What is the importance of trigonometry to maritime students?

For navigational purposes

How do you do tryometry?

The way you do trigonometry is by working with triangles. Trigonometry is a math class that is taught in high school and usually followers algebra and geometry.

Algebra with trigonometry for college students 5th edition?


Why was trigonometry created?

To torture students all around the world.

Who are the important people in trigonometry?

The students and teacher of my trig. class

What has the author Nancy Myers written?

Nancy Myers has written: 'Beginning algebra for college students' -- subject(s): Algebra 'Algebra and trigonometry for college students' -- subject(s): Algebra, Trigonometry

Who uses Pi?

Math teachers, Engineers, and students taking trigonometry and geometry.

Why mathematical applications are not taught to the students?

They are taught. Perhaps you cut classes when they were.

What is the important of teaching trigonometry to the IT students?

Trigonometry is part of the mathematics series leading up to and beyond calculus. It is necessary for IT students because many programming problems are based on mathematics and, without a thorough grounding in mathematics, the IT student will be limited in what he or she can do.

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She taught them math & astronomy.

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The Greek philosopher that taught by asking questions is Socrates. He taught the Socratic Method.

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