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A single equation is several unknowns will rarely have a unique solution. A system of n equations in n unknown variables may have a unique solution.

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How can you use a graph to solve systems of equations?

You can use a graph to solve systems of equations by plotting the two equations to see where they intersect

What is the classification of a system of equations?

The answer will depend on what kinds of equations: there are linear equations, polynomials of various orders, algebraic equations, trigonometric equations, exponential ones and logarithmic ones. There are single equations, systems of linear equations, systems of linear and non-linear equations. There are also differential equations which are classified by order and by degree. There are also partial differential equations.

Why is it important to know various techniques for solving systems of equations and inequalities?

It is important to know several techniques for solving equations and inequalities because one may work better than another in a particular situation.

What has the author Lawrence Perko written?

Lawrence Perko has written: 'Differential equations and dynamical systems' -- subject(s): Differentiable dynamical systems, Differential equations, Nonlinear, Nonlinear Differential equations

What can systems of equations be solved by?

By elimination or substitution

What is a system of equations that equals -3 and 7?

Systems of equations don't equal numbers.

Which of the following systems of equations has no solution?

If they are quadratic equations then if their discriminant is less than zero then they have no solutions

Systems of equations have one solution?

Systems of equations can have just about any number of solutions: zero, one, two, etc., or even infinitely many solutions.

Why are equations important?

Equations allow you to solve mathematical problems.

What jobs use systems of equations?

i need to do this for math class

What is the disadvantage of substitution of systems of equations?

If done properly there are no disadvantages.

What has the author Chris P Tsokos written?

Chris P. Tsokos has written: 'Random integral equations with applications to life sciences and engineering' -- subject(s): Stochastic integral equations 'Random integral equations with applications to stochastic systems' -- subject(s): Stochastic integral equations, Stochastic systems

How can you solve a system of equations?

The answer depends on whether they are linear, non-linear, differential or other types of equations.

Give 6 different uses of matrices.?

CryptographyComputer graphicsCombinatoricsData recoverySolving systems of linear equations for arbitrary outputted valuesSolving systems of differential equations.

What has the author S Zheng written?

S. Zheng has written: 'Nonlinear parabolic equations and hyperbolic-parabolic coupled systems' -- subject(s): Hyperbolic Differential equations, Nonlinear Differential equations, Parabolic Differential equations

What did ABC computers do?

solve systems of up to 29 simultaneous equations.

Why do you solve systems of equations?

because you need maths in your life.. everyone does

When are systems of linear equations used?

In coordinated geometry on the Cartesian plane

Why are chemical equations important in chemistry?

Chemical equations are graphic representation of chemical reactions.

What has the author Yazhe Chen written?

Yazhe Chen has written: 'Second order elliptic equations and elliptic systems' -- subject(s): Differential equations, Elliptic, Elliptic Differential equations

What are the linear systems?

A "system" of equations is a set or collection of equations that you deal with all together at once. Linear equations (ones that graph as straight lines) are simpler than non-linear equations, and the simplest linear system is one with two equations and two variables.

What is an Homotopy continuation Method?

A way to solve a system of equations by keeping track of the solutions of other systems of equations. See link for a more in depth answer.

Must solutions to systems of linear equalities satisfy both equalities?

Any solution to a system of linear equations must satisfy all te equations in that system. Otherwise it is a solution to AN equation but not to the system of equations.

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