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polyhedrons need flat face and edges, corners which cylinder cones don't have.

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Q: Why aren't cylinder cones and spheres polyhedrons?
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Why aren't cylinders cones and spheres polyhedrons geometry?

polyhedrons need flat face and edges, corners which cylinder cones don't have.

Cylinders and cones are just polyhedrons with circular bases?

False. Cylinders and cones are not just polyhedrons with circular bases.

Are cones polyhedrons?

no because it has curved faces.

What is the name for a three dimensional shape?

These could be called solids.There are lots of three dimensional shapes. Cubes, spheres, cylinders, cones, toroids, pyramids, helixes, the various polyhedrons..

Cones and polyhedrons both have only one base?


What- is-the-relationship-between-cylinders'-cones'-and-spheres'-surface area?

The answer depends on information which has not been provided: the height of the cylinder and cone will affect their surface areas.

How do you find the surface area of pyramids and cones and spheres?

you do stuff

Why aren't cylinders and cones and spheres polygons?

polygons have faces and cylinders and cone and spheres only has bases not faces.

How many cones fit into a cylinder?

That depends upon the relative sizes of the cones and the cylinder.

What is the similarity among spheres cones and cylinders?

A circular cross-section.

Is there a radius on a rectangular prism?

No, only on shapes with circles such as cones and spheres.

Why are cylinders and cones not considered to be polyhedrons?

A polyhedron is defined as a "geometric solid in three dimensions with flat edges and straight faces". As both cylinders and cones have curved faces, neither are polyhedra.

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