Why aren't rational numbers called integers?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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because not all rational numbers are integers, recurring numbers, numbers to 1 decimal place and fractions are rational as well but all integers are rational

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Q: Why aren't rational numbers called integers?
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Is counting numbers whole numbers?

Whole numbers are 1,2,3,4..etc frations decimals and other numbers arent. Whole numbers include 0, counting numbers do not. Counting Numbers are also sometimes referred to as Natural Numbers. But the above answer is correct in that none of these sets: Counting, Whole and Integers include fractions or decimals.

What is The set of all numbers that are not rational?

there are so many irational numbers so it cant be placed on a list. This is like counting numbers, there are infinitive solutions! But you can clasify irational numbers. Irrational numbers normally are one number that has two rational numbers divided each other to get a number. to start this you will need some knowledge or examples or irrational examples. some examples are √3, √2, √5, √6, √7,√8,√10,√11,√12,√13,√14,√15,√17,√18,√19 ect, Also another example is π because there arent two rational numbers that multiply or divide to get the number. hope this hellped.

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