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There is no general reason. But before I can answer in more detail, what were you bisecting? A line, an angle, a polygon, some other shape?

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Q: Why bisector formed two acute angles?
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If an angle is obtuse then its bisector forms two acute angles?


The bisector of a straight angle forms two acute angles?


A is a ray that divides an angle into two congruent angles?

The answer to that is a bisector. The two angles formed by this has the same angle.

Will drawing an angle bisector always result in two acute angles?

Not if you bisect a reflex angle.

What is formed when a acute or obtuse angle are bisected?

Two equal angles are formed.

Can a triangle be formed by two obtuse angles and one acute?


Which shape has only two acute angles?

"z" has two acute angles a triangle can have 3 acute angles but also will have a angle >= 60degrees acute (also note for every acute angle a obtuse angle is formed the sum of the obtuse and acute angle will = 360) because of this a arrow is the only shape with two acute angles and 1 obtuse

What kind of angles are formed by two intersecting lines?

Only three types of angles can be formed by two intesecting lines. Obtuse, acute, and right.

Can a angle bisector form two congruent angles?

i believe that's the definition! =)Angle BisectorAn angle is formed by two rays with a common endpoint. The angle bisector is a ray or line segment that bisects the angle, creating two congruent angles.

What type of angle are formed when an obtuse angle is bisected?

two equal acute angles are formed.

What divides an angle into two congruent angles?

angle bisectorangles bisector is the line that divides an angle into two congruent angles.

What figure is formed with 2 right angles 1 obtuse and 1 acute?

A trapezoid has two right angles and one obtuse and one acute angle.