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Surely percents can always be expressed as fractions or decimals, but percents are useful for comparing values- percents are essentially fractions all of the same denominator so they are easier to compare.

Example: which is bigger 9/20 or 88/200 ?

which is bigger 45% or 44% ?

The percent question is easier to answer even though the numbers are the same.

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2010-08-09 18:52:19
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Q: Why can't a fraction or a decimal be used instead of a percent?
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What is 1 fourth of six percent?

no that's just 6 divided by 4 plus you cant divide a percent by a fraction unless you convert both into a decimal. the answer should be .24 because if you convert 1/4 into a decimal its .25 and 6% into a decimal is .06. When you divide .06 (the original 6%) by .25 (the original 1/4 fraction) you get the answer of .24

What can decimals do that fractions cant?

Nothing. Any decimal can be written as an equivalent fraction. So anything that can be done with a decimal can be done with the equivalent fraction.

What is a number that cant be written as a fraction or decimal?

Irrational, possibly transcendental

How do you find the fraction of 0.875?

it does not have fraction because when changed to a percent it is 87.5, since the .5 is there it cant be a fraction

What is 90.91 as a decimal?

That is a decimal. ------------ if u mean what is it in other forms of math then its 90.91% and i cant remember how to do fraction

How do you write 1.99 as a percent?

it cant be a percent unless its 1.99 you may have meant fraction?

What is the decimal form of 60.2 percent?

To find the decimal form of 60.2 % divide 60.2 by 100. Now reduce it to its lowest fraction form. I have described the working below. 602/1000 301/500 now we notice that we cant factorise it further. Thus fraction form of 60.2 % is 301/500.

How do you convert decimal to lowest term fraction or mixed number?

Divide till you cant divide evenly

What is 4.9 as a fraction or mixed number?

49/100 first answer real answer... 49/10 as a fraction 4 and 9/10 mixed number * cant write 4.9 over1 because you cant have decimal

What is 36 percent as a fraction in its lowest term?

first you must change the percent to a decimal by moving the decimal point two places to the left: 36% --> 0.36then say the decimal out loud, so it would be easier to write the fraction: 0.36=thirty-six hundredthsnow, it is slightly easier to write the fraction: thirty-six hundredths= 36/100both are divisible by four so you do 36 divided by four (9) and 100 divided by four as well (25). now you cant simplify anymore, so 9/25 is your final answer.

What is 87 percent as a fraction?

87% Can be written as 87/100 then you would usually simplify but this fraction cant. So 87% =87/100

Do you round to the left or right twice to form a decimal into a percent?

i cant believe you'd ask that question what kind of dummy are you!?

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