Why can't contour lines cross?

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Contour lines are elevation so they go up and not across

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Q: Why can't contour lines cross?
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Why cant contour lines Cross?

i do not know

Can contour lines cross each other?

Contour lines can never cross each other.

When do contour lines cross?

contour lines do not cross, they follow the outline of the land, places of equal height

Describe why contour lines never cross?

Contour lines can never cross each other because they are located at different elevations

Which way do contour lines point when they cross a stream?

The point the opposite the contour lines point

Why is is unlikely that two contour lines will cross?

Because contour lines make places of equal height.

Why is it unlikely that two contour lines will cross?

Contour lines never cross because the elevations can't be two different numbers in one spot.

Why can't contour line cross?

Contour lines are elevation so they go up and not across

Why doesn't contour lines cross bodies of water?

Contour cross bodies of water - consider a wide river, or a glacier; both are water and both have a gradient that is indicated by contour lines. Flat bodies of water, such as lakes and seas have no gradient, and hence no contour line will cross them. They are of equal elevation at all points.

Why cant contour lines ever cross?

answ2. The answer you seek, but UNTRUE is that they cannot cross each other. But in mountainous areas such as a fiord landscape, there are overhangs, and contour lines (should) cross.They will usually just be drawn on top of each other, for the photo interpretation software cannot determine that from its plan view derived from aerial photography.

Why can't contour lines cross merge or split?

Contour lines are imaginary lines that join points of equal height. Therefore, say, a 300 metre height contour line can never meet a 400 metre height one.

What are the rules of contour lines?

- Contour lines never cross. All lines on a contour line represent one elevation.- The spacing of contour lines depends on slope characteristics. Contour lines that are close together show a steep slope. Contour lines that are far apart show a gentle slope.- Contour lines that cross a valley or a stream are V shaped. The C points toward the area of the highest elevation. If a stream or river flows through the valley, the V points upstream.-The tops of the hills, mountains, and depressions are shown by closed circles. Depressions are marked with short, straight lines inside the circle that point down slope to the depression.

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